Main Reasons Why Roofs Fail

No roof is built to last forever. However, many roofs fail long before their time. If you have ever had a roof failure, you know what a costly and inconvenient problem it can be.

Problems get bad quickly. The thing that started out as a tiny issue can balloon into a money-guzzling nightmare seemingly overnight, leaving you frantic. That is why it is important to act as soon as you notice the first signs of roof failure.


Blisters are long, thin areas on the roof. These appear to be bubbles, and are generally caused when a gas, such as water vapor, is trapped in the roof surface. When heated, say by the sun on a toasty day, the gas expands, pushing the roofing apart.

There are several underlying causes of blistering. If a new roof was installed over a damp substrate, for example, water vapor could be trapped in the roof membrane, leading to the blisters.

Another cause of blistering is the use of damp insulation. Always make sure to store insulation on your roof properly. If you don’t, you could wind up destroying your roof.

Punctures and Damage

Punctures are another easily prevented cause of roof failure. Generally, these are caused by the carelessness of people on the roof such as contractors.

Debris on the roof can also cause punctures or other damages such as lifting shingles.

If you see roof damage, it is important to repair it right away, and to do so properly. Hiring a professional roofer can cost more money than repairing the damage yourself. However, if you think of how much a proper repair will extend the life of your roof, it will even out.


Another major cause of roof failure is neglect. If you do not take proper care of your roof, it will fail. It is necessary to keep gutters clean and to remove all branches and debris that accumulate up there. It’s best to do this in spring and fall.

Also, make sure that any service professionals on your roof clean up after themselves. If they must make penetrations in the roof, make sure they properly seal them after. During the winter, make sure to remove ice dams if you live in an area with snow. Fix any problems that arise as quickly as you can. Doing so will greatly extend the life of your roof.

Roofs will not last forever. However, it is quite possible to get a lot more life out of your roof. If you pay attention to the signs and causes of roof failure, you, and the contents of your home, will be protected for years to come.

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