Outdoor Home Maintenance Tips During The Spring/Summer

There’s no time like the summer to start maintaining your house and tackling items that will spruce up your home. In order to keep your home in working order, maintaining it is a natural task. Here are some helpful tips that will ensure your home is looking sharp in the summer and structurally sound for the following fall and winter.

1. Clean & Repair Gutters: From the spring showers and treacherous winter weather, your gutters have surely had a lot of burden during the past few seasons. Make sure you clean your gutters free of leaves and debris and make sure they are working properly.

2. Inspect Your Roof: This is a great time of the year to check out your roof to ensure there is no damage to it. You can visually see if any shingles are missing, if there is any wear and tear and more. Keeping an eye on your roof is always a good idea.

3. Repair Paint: If you’ve noticed some paint has been chipping off, this is the perfect time of the year to start painting. We all know painting can be a hassle, and if you have cedar wood it is something that you’ll need to do. If you find yourself painting far too frequently, explore residing your home with James Hardie.

4. Overgrown Tree Limbs: Nearby Trees should not have branches and limbs that are hanging over your home. The danger of a branch falling on your home is very real and it can cause damage to your roof, siding, windows, and landscape. If you notice branches dangling over your home, look into hiring an arborist.

Exterior Remodelers upgrade homes all year long but this is the time of the year that homeowners can really get outside and look at their home. If something seems off, or if anything on your house is outdated, this is a great time of the year to contact a skilled contractor.

Additional Maintenance Tasks: 

  • Add mulch around plants and flowers
  • Check your drainage system
  • Check if your windows need to be cleaned
  • Inspect your sprinkler system
  • & much more

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