Picking Between Horizontal and Vertical Siding

Your home is being judged by its exterior. It’s the same deal that books put up with in terms of their covers. One of the biggest choices that you need to make in terms of the exterior of your home is the siding. There are pros and cons to both horizontal and vertical siding when it comes to visual appeal, installation, cost, and durability, and we’re going to explore all that here.


Vertical siding panels have a more unconventional look. Many people prefer this style because they elongate the home and make it stand out from the rest. But not everyone is a fan of breaking from the norm. Traditional neighborhoods with Colonial-style houses aren’t necessarily the best place for vertical siding.


We’ve established that horizontal siding is much more common than vertical siding, and that’s largely because the installation process is more simple. Vertical siding requires more steps to install, as the siding professional will need a layer of furring strips to be laid horizontally underneath the panels in order to level and smooth the surface. This ensures a clean look.


The vertical siding orientation is just going to cost more; plain and simple. The cost is also going to vary based on the materials that are used. Also, siding materials are going to vary in price, no matter what orientation you choose. Take for example steel, which is a heavy material that you often find in residential settings, and it costs more than vinyl or wood siding panels.


Both horizontal and vertical siding can be quite durable, depending on the craftsmanship of your siding professional. Fiber cement and metal are the most durable siding materials. Consider that with horizontal siding, there’s a potential for rainwater to leak underneath the siding strips. This is particularly true if you opt for wooden siding that can warp over time and create mold and mildew. Vertical siding is not quite as prone to this water damage because water that hits the surface falls to the ground immediately.


Lastly, let’s look at maintenance. No matter what kind of siding you choose, regular maintenance is essential. But this is going to be based on the materials that you choose. Vinyl siding requires the least amount of maintenance, and it’s easy to clean. Wood, however, is going to warp over time and requires a great deal of maintenance in order to maintain.