Pros & Cons of Cedar Wood Siding

Solid State Construction provides homeowners with three different types of siding. These material types include fiber cement, vinyl, and cedar wood. As a homeowner, understanding all the details about these siding materials will help you decide the type of siding you want to protect your home. Today, we wanted to talk about Cedarwood siding, a popular siding material across and country and what are some of its advantages and disadvantages.

Cedar Wood Siding Pros & Cons

Advantages of Cedar Siding

Beauty: While other materials do a great job of looking like cedar wood, there is nothing quite like the real thing. Cedarwood provides a beautiful, warm feeling that is loved by so many.

Siding Styles: With cedar wood, you can have the ability to customize the look of your home. With a variety of different wood grains and styles, get your house looking the way you want.

Durability: There is some upkeep required with Cedarwood but its an extremely reliable product that can last for the long-term and especially when compared to vinyl siding.

Disadvantages of Cedar Siding

Frequent Painting: Cedar siding needs to be repainted quite often compared to vinyl and fiber cement.

Higher Possibility of Insect and Woodpeckers: Cedar that isn’t properly taken care of can become susceptible to insects.

Fire Rating: Due to the fact that this siding is made out of wood, it has a much lower fire rating.

Cost: The initial installation cost of cedar siding is usually on the higher end in comparison to other siding materials.

Solid State Construction provides their professional siding installations throughout much of Eastern Massachusetts. If you are interested in new siding and live around Massachusetts, please feel free to reach out. We are happy to walk you through all the siding materials and exactly what option is best for you.