New azek decking with black railings

The Benefits Of Adding A Deck To Your Home

If you have wanted to enjoy your yard and outdoor space but aren’t thrilled about a concrete patio or have a slope in your yard, adding a deck to your home is the best way to enjoy that outdoor space safely and comfortably. Adding a deck is very inexpensive and it is an affordable way to boost the value of your home and give your family a place to hang out and enjoy the outdoors. Check out some of the biggest benefits of adding a deck to your home:

Indoor Outdoor Living Space Is On Trend

One of the biggest trends in home design this year is combining indoor and outdoor living space. Today’s homeowners want to have outdoor space that beautifully extends their indoor living space. An elegant wood deck is the best way to get that indoor/outdoor space. Decks can be designed to complement the existing structure of your home and provide easy access to the yard and outdoors.

Host Family Parties and Get-Togethers

If you entertain a lot, or if you want to entertain more often, a deck gives you the perfect space to throw summer barbecues, graduation parties, summer picnics and other holiday events. You can have the family over for a cookout during the summer or have a grilling party to celebrate the big game. Summer get-togethers are a lot more fun and a lot more comfortable for crowds on a big sturdy deck festooned with lights and filled with comfortable outdoor furniture.

Enjoy The Outdoors

Adding a deck to your home will greatly increase the opportunities you have to enjoy the outdoors. Have coffee on the deck in the morning to watch the sunrise before starting a busy day. Or hang out on the deck with weekend breakfast and the paper to enjoy the spring and summer warm weather. You can even use the deck as a home gym area to do yoga, ride a stationary bike or walk on a treadmill outside in the fresh air and sunshine.

Great For Kids And Pets

When you add a deck to your home that has a railing and some decorative work that creates a barrier between the railing and the edge of the deck you can safely let your kids and pet out on the deck. They will be able to go outdoors and enjoy the sun and fresh air but you will have the peace of mind of knowing that they are contained safely on the deck and can’t wander off.

Add Value To Your Home

A deck is an affordable investment in your home. According to realtors you can recoup about 70% of the cost of the deck in home value. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home anytime soon adding a deck is an easy and affordable way to boost the value of your home.

Affordable Home Upgrade

Often people are surprised at how affordable it is to add a deck to their home. Get a quote and you will find that even adding a large deck doesn’t cost that much. The cost is well worth it when you think about how often you and your family will use the deck as a family gathering place.

Quick Completion

Experienced contractors like the technicians at Solid State Construction can complete a deck very quickly. In just a day or two you can be drinking your coffee outdoors in the morning or sipping a glass of wine after work while you watch the sunset.

Call Solid State Construction today to find out more about the affordability and durability of having a deck built by a professional. When you choose professional deck installation from Solid State Construction you can be sure that your deck will be beautiful and durable and that it will last for a long time with minimal upkeep.