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Tips For Finding A Roof Leak

So, your roof is leaking and water has made its way into your house. You probably realize there is a leak because, of course, whether it’s the first floor, second floor you have found water. While the fact that you have found this water is great, it can be much more difficult sometimes to find the actual source. At Solid State Construction, we can help find this right away, but if you want to take a look yourself, follow some of these tips.

  1. Move Upwards: With the leak found, either go into the attic or the room directly above where you found the leak in the first place. This should be your first step after seeing the leak.
  2. Exposed Lighting: If you came to a dead end after moving up in your house, try seeing if there is any exposed light in your attic. This will be fairly obvious as if there is exposed light that usually means that water can easily make its way into your home.
  3. Objects In Your Home That Don’t Belong: Look around your roof, walls, and siding to see if you find any intrusive objects. Something such as an errant nail can pierce a roof and cause leaking.
  4. When it rains, trying listening: Next time it rains, turn all electronics off in your home and see if you can hear the leak. If check out each room and the attic you may be able to hear a dripping noise.
  5. Gutter & Pipes Check Up: Overflowed gutters or ice dams are two issues that frequently cause roof leakage. Be sure that you check out your gutters to make sure they aren’t overflowing and not draining properly during a rainstorm.
  6. Contact Solid State Construction: If you have a leak in your house, you don’t want to wait too long as it can cause serious problems that longer you wait. Reach out to Solid State Construction and our team of contractors will assess the damage and where it is coming from.