What To Look For When Hiring a Roofing or Siding Contractor

When hiring someone to come onto your property and work on your home, you need to make sure you do your  research. There are so many people and companies out there that taking the extra level of precaution will make all of the difference. The fate of your house, your patience and your wallet will all include how diligent you are!

What to Look For in A Local Contractor?

1. Expert Installations: New siding or a new roof is a pretty big project considering all the work you put into your house. The combination of time and money that goes into these projects means that if not done properly, you wont receive a positive ROI. To make sure that your contractor is reliable, look at their online reviews and certifications. This will do a great job of telling you how reliable and skilled they are.

Here are some examples to check for: 

At Solid State Construction we keep high ratings and have reliable certifications because of our continued drive for helping every customer as if they were our own family.

2. Quality Roofing Shingles: As important as the people who install the shingles on the roof, the shingles themselves are extremely important. Ask potential contractors what manufacturers they work with and what type of shingles are available. Do some research, compare the shingles and make sure they are from a reliable source.

At Solid State Construction we work with only the highest quality manufacturers. We work with:

3. Experience: Choosing a new contractor can be risky for a range of different reasons. An established company comes with warranties that mean more and it also means something if they’ve been around for a while. A new company could have a lot of issues and it takes years to get your business the way it should be! Solid State Construction has been around for 12 years providing homeowners with all their amazing services!

When working with Solid State Construction, feel free to ask us any question that you’d like! It’s important you feel comfortable working with us.

For more information about our team and how we could help you with your roofing or siding project, please feel free to reach out. Our team can be contacted over the phone at 508-581-3798 or through our online contact form.