Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Part of having a home and making sure it stays in working order is through maintaining it. Each season throws a new set of variables at a house and proper maintenance ensures that everything continues to work smoothly. Winter in particular presents a lot of problems for homes. From ice to snow and freezing temperatures, getting your house in working order in preparation for winter will maximize the effectiveness of your home.

Maintenance Tips: 

1. Gutter Cleaning: With most of the leaves off the trees now, this is a good time to do some gutter cleaning. If your gutters and drains get clogged water wont drain and ice build up can cause so many issues for your roof and gutter system. So, make sure your gutters are cleaned out each winter!

2. Weather stripping: This is more of temporary solution, but air drafts during the winter can skyrocket your heating bills. Adding weather stripping to your windows and doors can help seal the warm weather inside and keep the cold outside. Eventually if your windows are extremely drafty, investing in new windows or doors will be a huge help.

3. Trim Tree Branches: Trees are a great asset to any home landscape but they can become increasingly more dangerous when hanging over homes. The extra weight from ice and snow makes the winter time a prime time period for these branches to break off. If you notice any branches hanging over your home, we suggest trimming them off before your house gets damaged.

4. Roof Evaluation: Make sure your roof is in tip-top shape going into the winter. With extra strain put on your roof during this time, making sure it’s ready to go is important.

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