The Exterior Remodel You Deserve


The Exterior Remodel You Deserve



We’re MetroWest’s biggest James Hardie fiber cement siding contractor.


Asphalt, metal & rubber—we’re a GAF Master Elite roofer that does it all.


We’ve curated Central MA’s best window & door collection. Period.


Let us custom-build you a beautiful, on-budget composite or wood deck.

CENTRAL MA’S EXTERIOR REMODELER THATDefies Outdated Industry Standards

Let’s face it: Exterior remodeling in Central MA is steeped in outdated traditions. Aggressive salespeople, second-rate installers, and lack of professionalism were the norm in the 1980s… and are sadly still par for the course today.

We’ve become MetroWest’s biggest family-owned exterior contractor by bucking obsolete industry conventions…

Our strict hiring standards filter out the surly installers, “sales gangsters”, and apathetic individuals who plague the industry. Our people are “Mr. Rogers” friendly and passionate about helping you.
Our owner doesn’t wear five different hats, nor is our staff stretched wafer-thin. We assign a full team of experts to every part of your job. They coordinate in perfect harmony to complete your project.
We “geek out” about installation. We’ve built private installation-training facilities. And we LOVE managing complex remodeling concepts like flexural modulus, coefficient of expansion, and the overall science of your project.

Bottom Line: We’ve reimagined exterior remodeling for YOU, the modern-day homeowner.

Our 6 P's For Exterior Remodeling Excellence

How We Ensure You A Remodel That Is Distinctly Different & Refreshingly Professional.
Our hyper-strict Diamond-In-The-Rough hiring process allows us to bring on the best and brightest. Only A+ talent works on your remodeling project.
We’re punctual. We communicate. And we RESPECT your home. In short, we create a professional experience—start to finish.
Our streamlined “soup-to-nuts” remodeling process puts EVERY phase of your remodeling project in the hands of a uniquely qualified expert.
We have the resources to deliver a worry-proof exterior remodel… and the staying power to ALWAYS be there for you.
At the end of the day, the quality of your exterior remodel hinges on how much your contractor cares. The bottom line is we LOVE helping our customers.
We’ve built private training facilities and programs to rigorously prepare our people to provide you with amazing service and installation.

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Why MetroWest Homeowners Love Us…

In Their Own Words

“We used Solid State to replace our roof. They were super thorough in explaining the scope of the work before beginning, and the work itself was done to a high standard.”

Kristina P. – Marlborough, MA
Yelp Reviewer

“Easy to deal with. Prompt. Honest. Fair pricing. Polite. Everyone else I dealt with didn’t come close… I plan on hiring them again. 6 stars would be more appropriate!”

Andrew V. – Medfield, MA
Yelp Reviewer

“Solid State Construction did a superior job remodeling my deck… the process was stress-free due to their very helpful, knowledgeable, experienced staff of professionals.”

Patricia T. – North Chelmsford, MA
Yelp Reviewer

“Solid State made our modern farmhouse vision a reality… I highly recommend Solid State for any roofing (metal and asphalt), siding, and decking jobs.”

Andrew C. – Holden, MA
Facebook Reviewer

“We used Solid State for James Hardie siding… and building a 700sqft deck. I found the Solid State team to be caring, thoughtful, and professional.”

Carl G. – Central MA
Facebook Reviewer

“A total win from consultation through completion… take the best route and go with these guys. You’ll be happy you did.”

Vaughn M. – Central MA
Google Reviewer

Central MA’s Most Decorated Exterior Remodeler

James Hardie President's Club

We’re the only James Hardie installer in New England selected for James Hardie’s Presidents Club –EVER! Not only that… we’ve been chosen three years running (2017-2019!). Bottom line: We are the Central MA siding contractor Hardie trusts most to install their products on your home.





SERVICE AREASSiding, Roofing, Windows, Doors & Decks For Central MA

Where We Work Includes…


2 Shaker Road Suite D203,
Shirley, MA 01464


Mon-Fri: 8AM-6PM


(508) 581-3798

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