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Permanent, Beautiful Metal Roofing For Central MA

Introducing The Last Roof You’ll Ever Need.

Over the past few years, standing seam metal roofing popularity has skyrocketed in Central MA. And when you consider how flat-out amazing metal roofs are, it’s easy to see why.

Metal is the longest lasting roofing material by far. It elevates your home’s curb appeal to new heights. It’s exceptionally energy efficient. And it provides you with the highest return on investment (ROI) of practically any kind of home improvement project.

Let’s explore some of the reasons Boston-area homeowners like you are choosing standing seam metal roofing…

Drexel Metal Roofing - Rustic Stone - Solid State Construction Central MA

Decades Of Premium Protection

Quality asphalt shingles can last 20-30 years. Quality metal roofing can last up to 60 years and longer.

It can withstand decades of abuse from high winds, heavy snow, and hailstorms. It also carries a Class-A fire rating because of how it resists the spread of flames and burning embers.

Not only that, but metal roofing lasts this long with bare-minimum maintenance. It’s impervious to problems common with other roofing materials—and needs ZERO help from you to achieve it.

A metal roof won’t deteriorate. It won’t blow off in high winds. It won’t accumulate mildew. With the right coating option (which we provide), it won’t even rust!

Metal can also be an excellent material to prevent dangerous ice dams on your roof. Standing seam metal roofing has no horizontal seams or overlaps, so snow cannot get backed up on your roof. The snow easily slides off, which eliminates any opportunity for ice dams to form. As you can imagine, this is an especially huge benefit during a Central MA winter!

More Bang For Your Buck

Metal roofing is a bigger up-front investment than asphalt roofing. But metal roofing’s superior durability means a lower-cost life cycle over the long term.

Metal roofing also saves you money in many other ways.

A metal roof over your head can lower your home insurance costs. It reflects the sun’s heat, which lowers your energy bills (it can even qualify you for a tax credit up to $500). It doesn’t require the periodical repairs that other roofing materials do. And it provides an instant return on investment of up to 85%.

A Green Roofing Material

Drexel Metal Roofing - Charcoal Gray - Solid State Construction Central MA

Metal roofs are made from 30-60% recycled material, and they are 100% recyclable at the end of their long lifespan. That means no additional waste eating up space in a landfill.

Our metal roofing manufacturer is also a listed ENERGY STAR partner. That means the manufacturer has committed to adhering to the best green practices and helps consumers meet sustainable and green specifications.

Bottom line: With a metal roof, you’ll lower your carbon footprint and have peace of mind that you’re helping Mother Nature.

Metal Roofing’s Got STYLE

Drexel Metal Roofing - White - Solid State Construction Central MA

Metal roofing is as beautiful as it is durable. And that’s especially true of our metal roofing.

Over 20 rich colors. More than a dozen gorgeous profiles. Bold lines and curves ranging from sleek and contemporary to charming and classic. We have all the style options you could ask for—and the expert help to assist you in choosing the perfect look.

With cutting-edge substrates and coatings, our metal roofs have looks that last. Choose from steel, aluminum, and copper metal roofing—all coated in state-of-the-art protective finishes backed by an industry-leading 35-year transferable warranty on peeling, cracking, flaking, and fading.

solid state construction true nature metal roofing tiles shake central ma

True Nature Metal Roofing Tiles

Where Strength And Style Converge.

Want the unmatched durability of standing seam metal roofing but with a little more “flavor”? True Nature Metal Roofing Tiles are the perfect option.

True Nature metal roofing delivers the rugged strength of steel AND the stunning appearance of slate, shake, or clay tile. It’s an engineering marvel that provides you with the best of every world.

For more details, visit our official True Nature Metal Roofing page.

True Nature Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing FAQ

Q: “Is Metal Roofing Loud When It Rains?”

A: No more than asphalt roofing. Research shows that rain on asphalt roof has a decibel level of 46, while rain on a metal roof with an underlying deck has a decibel level of 52.

While metal roofing’s decibel level is higher, here’s the catch: The human ear can’t detect the difference in sound levels that are five to eight decibels apart. That means rainfall on asphalt and metal sounds exactly the same to you.

To ensure you the quietest metal roofing, we install special decking to dull noise from rainfall. And since metal roofing can be installed over your existing roof, that’s one more layer of sound protection.

Q: “Do Metal Roofs Attract Lightning?”

A: It’s a myth that metal attracts lightning. Lightning seeks out the tallest objects that have a straight path to the ground (trees, for example). There is no straight path from your home to the ground, so lightning has no attraction to it—even if you have a metal roof.

In fact, metal is the safest roofing material during thunderstorms. It’s inflammable, so there is no chance of a metal roof catching fire should lightning hit your home.

Q: “Does Metal Roofing Rust?”

A: Without the proper coating, yes. But many of today’s best metal roofs (like ours!) are finished with superior rust-resistant coatings to prevent rust from forming. When you choose a premium metal-roofing material with the right finish properties, rust isn’t an issue.

Q: “How Do Your Metal Roofs Hold Up In The Snow?”

A: Great! Metal roofing sheds snow quickly, which maintains the integrity of the roof and prevents ice dams.

Our metal roofing even includes a special snow-guard system that prevents sudden avalanches of snow from your rooftop. This guard retains “packs” the snow and allows it to melt from your roof in a safe and controlled fashion.

Q: “How Does Metal Roofing Handle The Sun’s Heat?”

A: Metal roofing can actually lower your cooling bills during the summer. Quality metal roofing has a unique reflective surface, so sun rays bounce right off it. Homeowners report saving 20-40% on energy costs after they install a metal roof.

To maximize your roof’s resistance to unheated heat, we also install the proper ventilation system (find out more on our Roofing Installation page).

Q: “How Much Does Metal Roofing Cost?”

A: Metal roofing in Central MA typically requires a little more up-front investment than asphalt roofing. That said, metal roofing has a lower-cost life cycle because it lasts so much longer than asphalt roofing. This means you experience an overall greater return on investment.

Q: “Will Hail Dent A Metal Roof?”

A: Not unless it’s mutant hail bigger that’s the size of a golf ball.

The average hailstone is about one inch in diameter. Our metal roofing has an industry-best Class-4 hail-resistance rating, which protects from hailstones as big as two inches in diameter falling at high speed. In other words, our metal roofing resists hail that’s TWICE the average size.

Q: “Do You Have To Remove My Old Roof Before Installing A Metal Roof?”

A: It depends, but probably not. Whether we need to remove your old roof is contingent on its condition and your city’s building codes. Installing a metal roof over your existing one provides benefits like no tear-off costs, cheaper disposal costs, and a more environmentally friendly project.