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New England’s Only James Hardie
President’s Club Member (And The Only
Contractor With A Hardie “Batcave”).

James Hardie siding installation is intricate. It’s demanding. It has ZERO margin for error.

Doing it 99% right? You may as well not do it at all. Hardie is like any other premium product: It performs like a dream… but it leaves no room for pretenders, novices, and corner-cutters to hide.

The degree of installation difficulty makes most contractors steer clear of installing Hardie. But Hardie’s rigid requirements are the exact reason we love it.

We’re hardcore James Hardie enthusiasts. We relish putting it on our customers’ homes. We get excited at the thought of installing it. We’re such Hardie aficionados that we even built a special Hardie-installation training facility in our warehouse (dubbed the Hardie “Batcave”).

What can we say?

Hardie’s installation complexities bring out our inner nerd. And obsessed nerds like us are the exact people you want putting James Hardie fiber cement siding on your home.

See below to discover how our fanatical (and downright geeky) obsession with Hardie ensures you spare-no-detail, 100%-correct, utterly meticulous installation.

New England’s Only James Hardie President’s Club Member

Solid State Construction James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding Installers - Siding Installation Central MA

Over a thousand contractors across the country install Hardie siding. But James Hardie selects only TWENTY per year for their ultra-exclusive President’s Club. Members are chosen based on quality of installation, growth for the year, and volume of sales.

Guess who Hardie chose as New England’s first and only President’s Club Member? And guess who Hardie chose as the second and third?

Answer: Us, us… and us.

That means we’re in the less than 1% of contractors who are part of Hardie’s “inner circle.” When you hire us, you’re hiring the company Hardie has handpicked as one of the top 20 installers in America… and #1 in all of New England.

450% More Elite Than Other Elite Preferred Contractors

Solid State Construction - Siding Installation Central MA - Jeff, Will & Chris

James Hardie has two distinctions for companies that perform a certain number of Hardie installation per year: James Hardie Preferred and James Hardie Elite Preferred.

To get Preferred status, a New England contractor must perform at least 12 Hardie installations per year. For Elite Preferred distinction, they have to do at least 18 every year.

We’re an Elite Preferred contractor and do 18 Hardie installations… every two to three months.

With eight dedicated Hardie installation crews, we tackle over 100 Hardie jobs per year—more than 450% higher than Elite Preferred requirements.

That makes us the Boston area’s biggest James Hardie installer by far… but it also means that YOU get the most seasoned pros handling your project.

Because the installation is so complex, a lot of lessons come through hands-on experience with James Hardie siding. When doing 12 to 18 jobs a year (or about one to two per month), it takes a lonnnggg time to learn and process those lessons.

Since we do the same number of Hardie jobs each year that other Preferred contractors do in four to six years, we conquered the “learning phase” long ago. We are the Boston area’s undisputed heavyweight champ for James Hardie fiber cement siding installation.

We Built A Hardie “Batcave”

James Hardie Training Facility - Installers Practicing - Solid State Construction Of Shirley, MA

The Batcave is where Batman hones his skills and develops all his high-tech gadgets. We stole the Dark Knight’s idea and built our own “Batcave” for James Hardie siding.

It’s true! We’re so obsessed with Hardie installation that we actually created a training facility in our warehouse. We built a 10’x10’ mock house where we perfect our installation skills before we touch your home.

We even have a James Hardie rep visit us every quarter for hands-on live training. He teaches us the latest and greatest techniques so we’re fully prepared to give you 100% Hardie-approved installation. Here’s a video our Hardie rep showing us how to apply a special caulk…

Our training facility is also where Hardie lets us play with their latest products. We get access to Hardie’s groundbreaking new creations before they officially hit the market.

This shows just how much James Hardie trusts us. More importantly, it means we use the most state-of-the-art products on YOUR home… products you can’t get with literally any other James Hardie installer in New England.

We’re Unabashed James Hardie Enthusiasts…
And We’ve Love To Work On Your Home.

Solid State Construction - Jeff Brooks - Owner - Central MA

James Hardie makes the best siding on the market, hands down. And its installation requirements leave zero room for error. That’s why choosing a siding contractor with true PASSION for the product is mandatory.

We are that Central MA siding contractor. And we’d relish the opportunity to utilize our industry-best installation practices on your project.

So get in touch today. It would be an honor and a privilege to hear from you.

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