We’ve Assembled The Ultimate Team
Of Remodeling Rock Stars

Our “Diamond-In-The-Rough” Hiring Process Lets
Us Hire The Top 1% Of Talent For ALL Positions.

Whenever we publicly advertise that we’re hiring, we can get well over 100 applicants for just a few open positions. (What can we say? People LOVE being part of the Solid State team!)

We Hire People With Polar Opposite Personalities

We’re interested in hiring smart, passionate, and positive people.

  • The kind of people who spent Saturday nights in high school studying instead of partying.
  • The kind of people who help the elderly cross the street.
  • The kind of people who are genuinely thrilled to help homeowners achieve their dream remodel.

Our picky hiring process allows us to fill ALL positions in our company—from our office administration to sales to installation—with rock-star talent. This means you get the best and brightest people working on every phase of your project. No exceptions.

Here’s a look at the rock stars you’ll be working with…

Inside Sales Coordinator

The Inside Sales Coordinator is the person who takes your initial call. He asks you preliminary questions about your project to see if your project and our services would make a good fit.

After the call, the Inside Sales Coordinator assigns a fitting Project Consultant based on your specific project and needs.

After major milestones in your project (the initial appointment, the installation, etc.), our Inside Sales Coordinator performs a Quality Control phone call. This is to ensure you’re satisfied at every stage of the project—start, middle, end, and post-installation.

Project Consultant

Your Project Consultant handles the “design” phase of your project. They guide you through product selection, create proposals, develop 3D models of your project, price out the job, and more.

Our Project Consultants are the opposite of traditional remodeling “sales gangsters.” [“anatomy of a remodeling sales gangster” blog post] Sales gangsters push, pressure, and prod. Our Project Consultants listen, educate, and collaborate. They don’t work you… they work with you.

We make every new hire undergo a month’s worth of customer-service training before they interact with homeowners. We also send our Project Consultants on installation scavenger hunts to ensure they’re as educated as possible.

Project Coordinator

Between the design and installation phases, our Project Coordinator takes over. He’s our behind-the-scenes man who touches on every project from start to finish.

  • Reviews your sales contract for accuracy
  • Schedules production
  • Pulls permits
  • Manages materials for your project

As our Project Coordinator does all this, he’s constantly staying in touch with you. We believe it’s crucial to provide you with regular updates and keep you in the loop as much as possible.

Project Manager & Site Supervisor

Your dedicated Project Manager lives primarily in the planning phase and masterminds the installation phase of your job. They assemble the crew, create the schedule, order the products, and hammer out the fine details.

By assigning a Project Manager to coordinate your job, we free up our installers to focus 100% on what they do best: installation.

Your Project Manager visits the jobsite regularly. But if you have a project that requires extra attention, we also assign a Site Supervisor.

The Site Supervisor is the second-in-command to the Project Manager and is on the jobsite at almost all times. Your Site Supervisor is the eyes and ears of the Project Manager to make sure all goes according to plan.


We make no bones about having the best installers in New England. We pay our crews better, we treat them better, and we’ve always got plenty of work to keep them busy. As a result, we have the area’s top talent lining up to work for us. (It’s true!)

We’re so preoccupied with installation excellence that we’ve even built a private James Hardie training facility in our warehouse. It’s where our installers can continually hone their techniques and stay up to date on the latest and greatest installation methods.

But they aren’t just installation virtuosos—they’re also respectful, friendly, and communicative. They bend over backward to make your experience comfortable and pleasant.

Customer Experience Manager

The Customer Experience Manager (CXM) is obsessed with continuously improving our customers’ experiences.

To do this, the CXM gauges every customer’s satisfaction both during and after the project, riding along on jobs to see how installers interact with customers, and discussing with customers what we could have done to make their projects even better.

Many industries have something similar to a CXM… but not the remodeling industry. We created this position because we want each and every customer to have the most amazing home-improvement experience possible.

Installation Inspector & Trainer

Our Installation Inspector & Trainer (IIT) trains our crew in James Hardie installation and inspects every single Hardie job we do.

What makes our IIT so special? Before joining Solid State Construction, he was our official representative at the James Hardie company. He spent a decade at Hardie, and he was the person who provided our quarterly local training. Now he works exclusively for us!

Bottom line: Our IIT is our James Hardie “sensei” whose unrivaled knowledge allows us to deliver unparalleled results when installing Hardie.

Learning & Development Director

We hire some truly amazing and passionate people. And one thing we love about them is that, no matter how good they get at their jobs, they’re always looking to improve.

We took our employees’ request to heart and we created the Learning & Development Director (LDD) position.

Our LDD builds out comprehensive development tracks for every position in our company.Project Consultants. Project Coordinators. Installers. You name it.

This system provides everyone in our company with the opportunity to enhance their skills and experience in the best, most efficient way possible.

Bottom Line: Our PEOPLE Make The Difference

The key to a great remodel starts and ends with the people behind it.

That’s why we hold potential hires to MUCH higher standards than the average Boston-area remodeler. Our “diamond-in-the-rough” hiring process allows us to handpick rock-star remodeling talent every time we fill a position in our company.

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