“Some Contractors ‘Fall Into’ Remodeling. I Fell In Love With It.”

How A Nerdy Industry Outlier & Co.
Built New England’s Most Innovative, Customer-Forward Remodeling Company.

A Message From Jeff Brooks, Founder:

You could say I’m a remodeling industry outsider.

I didn’t “fall into” the business. It wasn’t a family trade my father and grandfather expected me to continue. And I didn’t get into it just for the paycheck.

My mom was a real estate broker. My dad was an electrical engineer. And I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Assumption College with a Bachelor’s in Business.

In other words… I’m probably not what you picture when you think of the average contractor. So how did an industry outlier and (let’s face it) nerd like me end up building New England’s biggest family-owned remodeling company?

I certainly didn’t do it by myself; it took years of extraordinarily passionate effort from the most amazing team in the industry. But let me tell you how it all got started…

Love At First Swing

When I was a strapped-for-cash college junior, my buddy got me a part-time job as a roofer. (I had zero background in roofing, but apparently the guy who hired me didn’t care.)

My first day, I was a fish out of water. There I was on some stranger’s roof with no roofing experience… being paid actual money to do something by all rights I had no business doing.

Pure nerves, I grabbed some nails and a shingle. I placed the shingle on the roof deck, lined up a nail, removed my hammer from my toolbelt, and struck my maiden blow.

It was love at first swing.

At that exact moment, everything “clicked.” All fell into place. It was as if a home-improvement Cupid shot me through the heart with a remodeling-tipped arrow.

Sure, I’d hammered a nail before. But it wasn’t just the work that excited me. It was the fact that I was helping someone improve their home. And seeing the transformation at the end of the day made all the hard work worth it.

Right then and there, I knew I’d found my calling.

My Love-Hate Relationship With The Industry

Turns out, I didn’t just love remodeling homes—I was also really good at it!

I spent the next 25 years working for some of the biggest companies in the industry. I climbed through the ranks and held every position you can imagine. Installer. Sales rep. Sales manager. General manager. You name it, I did it.

But there was one problem: While I loved remodeling, I couldn’t stand the remodeling industry. More specifically, I didn’t like the way remodeling companies (including ones I worked for) functioned.

High-pressure sales, low-quality workmanship, and an overall lack of professionalism are standard operating procedure in this industry. And decades of witnessing this churned my stomach.

More importantly, it gave me an appreciation for what you, the homeowner, have to go through when hiring a contractor.

By 2006, I’d had enough. I left the company I was working for to start my own remodeling company… one that would provide a refreshingly different remodeling experience focused 100% on YOU, the homeowner.

Slow & Steady Always Wins

Making Solid State Construction into New England’s biggest independent remodeler wasn’t easy—especially during those first few years.

We built a good customer base and reputation, despite opening when the recession started. But like all new contractors, I made (a lot of) mistakes… the biggest being that I tried to do too much.

By 2010, I was the typical small-business owner wearing 27 hats in the company. Because I was juggling so many tasks, the company started straying from my original vision. The occasional items slipped through the cracks. Communication wires sometimes got crossed. And though rare, avoidable installation mistakes were made.

Don’t get me wrong—we were doing good work overall and satisfying customers. But the company wasn’t meeting MY lofty expectations.

Then in 2014, everything changed.

Current CFO Erika Barnish joined the company. With her extensive experience in management, recruiting, and talent acquisition, she helped me revamp the company from top to bottom. We developed a five-year business plan, overhauled operations created a concrete list of Core Values, and brought the business back to what I initially envisioned.

Within just five years, Solid State Construction experienced explosive growth. According to a Harvard business school study, we’re now in the 5% of all home-remodeling companies nationwide. Plus, we have a reputation that’s unrivaled in our market. And it’s all thanks to Erika and the amazing team she helped put in place.

Building A Better Experience For YOU

Building this company into what it is today hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows. It’s the result of passion, determination, and an unwavering commitment to provide you, the homeowner, with a vastly superior remodeling experience.

Unlike some contractors, I didn’t “fall into” remodeling; I fell in love with it. And everyone at Solid State Construction shares that same passion.

So reach out to us today. We would consider it the highest honor and privilege to hear from you.

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