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We Provide You With True
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How We Zap The Typical Worries, Fears
& Stress From Your Remodeling Experience.

At Solid State Construction, bigger does equal better… for you. As one of New England’s largest exterior remodelers, we have the resources, staff, and staying power to provide you with true peace of mind—before, during, and well after the job.

What, exactly, is peace of mind?

It’s complete confidence your contractor will finish the project efficiently and within budget. It’s knowing they will utilize the proper resources to get the job done right. It’s the assurance that they will be there for you well after the job should you need them.

We provide all of these—and then some. Here’s a look at how we create unconditional peace of mind…

Expert Installers Galore

We’ve got the most installation manpower of any family-owned Boston-area contractor—and it’s not even close.

    • 8 installation crews for siding
    • 5 installation crews for roofing
    • 3 installation crews for windows and doors
    • 3 installation crews for decks

This allows us to tackle your project more quickly than the average one- or two-crew contractor. When smaller companies take on more than a handful of projects, it delays yours. They just won’t have the staff to get to your job efficiently. We never have that problem because we have enough installers to start a small island nation.

It also ensures we always have a backup crew waiting in the wings if an issue occurs with your original crew. If a crew goes down at a smaller company (someone quits, the crew gets the flu, etc.), it can add weeks to your project as they scrambled to put together another crew. At Solid State Construction, this isn’t a problem. If a situation arises with your installation crew, we dispatch another to finish the job ASAP.

Professionals At Pivotal Project Points

We don’t just have an abundance of expert installers; we have professionals helming every key aspect of your remodel…

  • Your Project Consultant works with you to achieve your dream remodel.
  • Your Project Manager plans your project with painstaking precision to ensure smooth sailing.
  • Your Site Supervisor oversees the installation to make certain the Project Manager’s plans are executed to perfection.

When we assign a team to your job, it’s your team. They are the people you’ll work with, speak to, and get to know throughout your project. They coordinate in perfect harmony to move your project from one phase to the next with unrivaled efficiency. And they are your always-accessible points of contact if you ever have questions or concerns.

Bottom line: We strategically place true experts at all pivot points in your project—design, planning, installation, and more—to make sure everything gets done RIGHT.

More Capital = Better Materials

We’ve got a bigger budget than the average Boston-area exterior remodeler—and we put it to use for YOU. Rather than pad our pockets or maintain an extravagant marketing budget, we invest as much as possible in the industry’s leading materials, products, and technology.

That’s not just relegated to our best-in-class products like James Hardie siding and GAF roofing. It also applies to ancillary materials and technology that enhances the customer experience: high-tech project-management software, innovative 3D-modeling programs… right down to state-of-the-art siding screws. We spare ZERO expense because we have the expenses to spare.

The Most Decorated Remodeler Around

The best way to know if you can trust a Boston remodeler? Listen to what others say about them.

Since we opened in 2006, we’ve racked up hundreds of glowing customer reviews and lined our trophy shelves with many industry awards. We’ve won the Angie’s List Super Service Award, the GuildQuality Service Excellence Award, the Best Of Houzz Award, and many more. We also maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are part of Qualified Remodeler’s Top 500 list.

But the pride and joy of our trophy collection is the James Hardie President’s Club award. Out of thousands of Hardie installers across the country, James Hardie selects 20 contractors per year for the President’s Club. We’re honored Hardie has chosen us not once… not twice… but three times.

Any contractor can go on and on about how they can provide you with peace of mind. But our reviews and awards prove we walk the talk.

Rock-Solid Staying Power

During the last housing market crash, 51% of contractors who were operating in 2007 were no longer in business by 2012. That means over HALF of homeowners who hired contractors during this period had nowhere to turn if they had a labor-related warranty issue. If something messed up, they were out of luck.

This is a common scenario in the remodeling industry, especially for smaller companies. They just don’t have the funds or resources to weather the hard times. And not only do they feel the pain, but you do, too. It’s an awful situation all around.

It was terrible luck that we opened at the end of 2006—literally weeks before the recession started. Yet we were one of the few companies that not only survived the economic downturn but also THRIVED.

Fast-forward to today, and we’ve grown into New England’s biggest independent exterior remodeler. This proves that no matter what happens—a market crash, a housing bubble burst, or anything else—we have the staying power to be there if you need us. Always.

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