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FAQs Central MA Homeowners Have About Our Deck Installation

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Q: “Why Choose Solid State Construction For Deck Installation In Central MA?”

A: Deck project require a number of specialists coordinating in perfect harmony to pull off a success result. And we have them.

Our Dream Team of designers, builders, and project managers have the expertise to pull off your perfect deck project.

Q: “What Kind Of Decking Do You Install?”

A: We specialize in premium composite decks and wood decks. Our composite decks come from industry-leading brands like TimberTech; our wood decks are crafted from some of the best wood species in the world. No matter which material you choose, you will get the highest quality that material has to offer.

Q: “How Do I Know What Deck Material Is Right For My Situation?”

A: This depends on your needs, tastes, and budget. You can spend hours doing online research and reading articles about different materials. But at the end of the day, the best way to know what’s right for your situation is to consult an expert.

Experts like our Project Consultants can help you sort through your options, work within your budget, and make recommendations that work best for YOU… not our bottom line.

Q: “Are Your In-Home Appointments High Pressure?”

A: No. Way.

We’ve created special “anti-sales gangster” hiring processes and customer-service training to prevent the arm-twisting that’s so common in this industry.

Q: “What Are Your Prices Deck Installation In Central MA?”

A: Not the cheapest, and not the most expensive. Truthfully, we’re probably a little higher than average. That’s because we don’t inflate our prices or skimp on quality. Our prices align with what it takes to pull off your dream deck project. No more. No less.

Q: “Who Can I Expect To Perform The Actual Installation Of My Deck?”

A: Expert craftsmen who are excited about building your dream deck as you are about having it built. Apathy, laziness, and low skill are fireable offenses at Solid State Construction. We simply do not allow anyone but the best of the best to work on your deck.

Q: “Do You Offer Financing For Deck Installation?”

A: Yes. Our financing can let you achieve your TRUE vision—for a payment that won’t cripple your budget. Click here and take two minutes to get pre-approved for our financing. It will give you an idea of how we can work within your budget. Applying is free from obligation, so there’s no risk.

Q: “Are Your Deck Installation Quotes Free?”

A: Yes. We’re consultants, not salespeople. We don’t attempt to twist your arm for a sale. We simply educate you on your solutions, provide a price, and then step back to let you decide.

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