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Premium Vinyl Siding For Central MA

We’ve Pinpointed a Few Vinyl Siding
Brands Worthy Of Your Home.

We’ll be honest: A lot of vinyl siding in Central MA is, well… just plain bad.

It looks cheap. It performs poorly. It doesn’t last. By our approximation, we estimate only 10% of vinyl siding brands are actually worth your money. Yes… TEN PERCENT.

Don’t get us wrong… high-quality vinyl siding is out there. But finding it is a lot like finding a great remodeler—you have to dig through a lot of rubbish.

That’s exactly what we’ve done.

We put every brand of vinyl siding under the microscope, scrutinizing them in exhaustive detail to see which are truly worthy of your home. When you sit down with one of our Project Consultants, you’ll receive the expert guidance and recommendation you need to make the RIGHT decision.

Get in touch today. We would be honored to help you pick the perfect siding for your home.

Vinyl Siding - Central MA - Solid State Construction

Why Choose Us For Central MA Vinyl Siding Installation

At Solid State Construction, we follow the 6 P’s For Exterior Remodeling Excellence. This is our own special proven process for ensuring a pleasant experience and premium-quality results.

Here’s a look at how we do it:


Our strict hiring standards ensure the best people working on your project.

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We’ve developed a streamlined process that provides the smoothest remodeling experience you’ll ever have.

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Every member of our team—from our Project Consultants to our installers—is trained in the Solid State methodology. That involves honesty, integrity, and a rigid refusal to cut corners.

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Lack of professionalism runs rampant in remodeling. We’ve solved this with our penchant for punctuality, insistence on clear communication, and the unwavering respect we show you and your home.

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Peace Of Mind:

As one of New England’s biggest exterior remodelers, we have the resources to provide you with unconditional peace of mind from start to finish… and beyond.

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The best indicator that a contractor will provide an excellent outcome is their level of passion. At Solid State Construction, we have unbridled enthusiasm for delivering world-class results.

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