We’ve Carefully Curated MetroWest’s
Best Window Collection…

… And Blacklisted All The Brands That
Are Anything Less Than “A+.”

As Central MA’s biggest independent contractor, we’ve dealt with every window on the market. As such, we know what brands are the real deal… and what brands you should avoid at all costs.

And trust us: There are a lot of window brands you should avoid at ALL costs. The sad reality is that poor performance, subpar energy efficiency, and lackluster durability are the norm—not the exception—with windows.

As the Boston-area remodeler with genuine passion for the job, it’s in our DNA to provide you with windows truly worthy of your home.

The Truth Is We’re Unabashed Remodeling Nerds

Nothing gets us more excited than researching products and analyzing their technical specs in obsessively scientific detail. It’s why we evaluate windows based on hard-science concepts like flexural modulus (resistance to bending) and coefficient of expansion (expansion and contraction rates due to heat).

Bring these terms up to the average window salesperson, and you’ll short-circuit their brain. Bring them up to us, and our eyes light up like a kid’s at Christmas. We LOVE the “geeky” stuff.

So if you’re worried about choosing subpar windows, don’t be. Being the window fanatics that we are, we’ve done your homework for you.

Brands that pass our rigid quality inspections get added to our carefully curated window collection. Brands that fail (and most of them do) will never touch your home by our hands. But our goal isn’t just to provide a top-notch window collection—it’s to provide a diverse window collection that ranges from fiberglass to wood to vinyl. This way, we ensure we have something for everyone… including you.

Choose Your Window For Your MetroWest Home

Fiberglass Windows

Marvin Window - Elevate Collection White - Central MA - Solid State Construction

Looking for perhaps THE most efficient, best looking, longest lasting window in Boston? Then step up to Marvin Elevate™ fiberglass windows.

Marvin Elevate is the epitome of what a window should be. Groundbreaking energy efficiency. High-powered performance. Bold looks. And strength that doesn’t know the meaning of the word “compromise.” All wrapped up in a genuinely unbeatable value.

Marvin Elevate Fiberglass Windows Benefits:

  • 8x stronger than vinyl windows
  • 3x stronger than vinyl-wood composite windows
  • The lowest expansion-contraction rate of ANY window material by far
  • Available with IZ3 coastal and hurricane certification
  • The perfect combination of tough fiberglass exteriors and beautiful, authentic wood interiors
  • Cutting-edge components and tri-pane glass that produce industry-best energy ratings

The Marvin Elevate series is our favorite window for a reason. It’s for the homeowner who craves TRUE value for their money. The homeowner who wants every imaginable benefit a window can possibly provide. The homeowner who asks, “Is it possible to get a window that does everything I want it to?”

With Marvin Elevate windows, it’s not only possible… it’s certain.

Wood Windows

Marvin Window - Wood Interior - Central MA - Solid State Construction

Pretty much all wood windows look great. You’ll have zero trouble finding a beautiful wood window in the Boston area.

This is why you have to go more than “skin deep” to get high-quality wood windows. You need wood windows that are precision-crafted for peak performance. Wood windows that come with advanced components that will enhance your home’s efficiency. Wood windows that are built to last.

Those are the kinds of wood windows we install at Solid State Construction. We carry premium brands like ProVia and Marvin because they deliver that classic wood look—with innovative performance features for the needs of modern-day homeowners.


ProVia has set the standard for a wood composite window. A beautiful, hyper-durable vinyl makes up the exterior… while solid hardwood (not a thin wood veneer!) creates a stunning showpiece on the interior. Choose from genuine Oak, Cherry, or Maple—all with gorgeous interior stain and paint options.

But ProVia wood windows don’t just look great—they come with breakthrough efficiency features that can substantially curb your energy costs.

Patented graphite polystyrene foam insulation creates exceptional heat-flow resistance and R-value. Cutting-edge weatherstripping eliminates drafts and air leakage. And Comfortech™ Warm Edge Glazing System delivers the most efficient window glass on the market.


With a patented fiberglass exterior and real wood interior, Marvin has created an amazing window inside and out. Lock Status Sensors let you use your smartphone to see if your windows are unlocked. And breakthrough operational features ensure easy performance for decades.

Bottom Line

If you want wood windows that fit your performance and energy needs, you’ve come to the right place.

Vinyl Windows

Andersen White Vinyl Window - Central MA - Solid State Construction

Vinyl windows are a dime a dozen in the Boston area—and many of them are a waste of money! That sounds harsh, but poor efficiency, fragile frames, and lousy performance are unfortunately par for the course.

Make no mistake, though—great vinyl windows are out there. You just have to sort through the junk to find them. Either that, or simply give us a call.

We turned the industry inside-out in search of the best vinyl windows. It was an exhaustive hunt, but we managed to pinpoint the best vinyl window brand for your home: ProVia.

ProVia vinyl windows tick every box on your checklist…

  • Special fiberglass I-beam in the frame provides superior energy efficiency and durability
  • Stout, cutting-edge vinyl frame means rock-bottom maintenance
  • Pharmaceutical-grade compounding and blending systems maximize color retention and weatherability.
  • High-tech weatherstripping systems prevent air infiltration
  • Beautiful color selection and optional custom-painted exterior for the perfect look

To sum it up: ProVia vinyl windows provide all the benefits of vinyl (low maintenance, excellent efficiency) and solve its problems (durability, weatherability). It’s THE optimal vinyl window on the market.

Why Us For Window Installation In MetroWest
A Window Is Only As Good As The Company Installing It.

Solid State Construction Full Frame Window Installation - Central MA

Even the best windows will fail if they’re installed wrong. This is why we’re just as demanding about window installation as we are about the brands we offer.

Our trained and experienced window crews utilize a wide variety of elite installation techniques. We also use top-of-the-line ancillary materials (screws, caulk) to maximize the lifespan and performance of your windows.

In addition, we specialize in both insert and full-frame window installation. Whatever you need, we have the experts who can pull it off with pinpoint precision.

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Our Most Popular Window Styles

Casement Windows

Side-hinged for easy operation, casements provide great outdoor views and airflow. Available in narrow frame.

Double Hung Windows

America’s most popular window, double hungs open from the top and bottom. Insert replacement available.

Glider Windows

Glider windows slide on a track, making them easy to use and an excellent choice for almost any situation.

Awning Windows

Awnings are top-hinged for hard-to-reach areas like over a sink or counter. Available in narrow frame.

Bay Windows

A bay is a group of three windows extending outward from the home for expansive views and natural lighting.

Bow Windows

Bows are four or more windows that extend outward from your home to let in light and boost curb appeal.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are all about beautiful views. They do not open, which provides you with maximum efficiency.

Round Top Windows

Add architectural interest with round top windows. Available in quarter-round, half-round, and elliptical.

Specialty Shape Windows

These specialty windows come in many unique shapes and sizes to provide a one-of-a-kind look for your home.

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