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Entry doors. Patio doors. Interior doors. Custom doors. Replacement doors. At Solid State Construction, we’ve got them all… and the procedures in place to execute world-class door installation for the Boston area.

We’re the rare remodeler that understands a door should be more than just beautiful. It should deliver Fort Knox-level security… unmitigated durability… and exceptional efficiency.

That’s why we’ve honed in on the market’s best brands. That includes brands like ProVia, Marvin, and Andersen—the all-time industry leaders in quality.

If you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices, don’t worry—we’re here to help you choose the perfect products for your situation and budget. We’ve banned sales pressure at Solid State Construction. We shoot straight and educate. It’s that simple.

And when it comes to the actual installation, our philosophy is simple:

“Do It Once And Do It Right… So It’s Done FOR GOOD.”

We hire top talent for our installation team and search for individuals who have true passion for remodeling. Once we find them, we put them through rigorous installation training via the Solid State methodology.

We also bend over backward to accommodate you on installation day. We’re punctual, clean, and polite. We don’t blare loud stereos, swear, or take smoke breaks. We’re the kind of people you’ll enjoy having in your home.

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Entry Doors

Our collection of entry doors comes in fiberglass, steel, and wood. We install top-notch brands such as Marvin and ProVia.

Our most popular entry doors come from ProVia. ProVia is the Cadillac of entry doors—an unbeatable combination of pure strength, luxury looks, and groundbreaking energy efficiency.

Here’s a brief look at the ProVia doors we install in the Boston area:

ProVia Embarq™ Fiberglass Entry Doors

ProVia Embarq Cherry Stain Fiberglass Entry Door - Central MA

This isn’t just ProVia’s top line—it’s the top entry door on the MARKET.

The Embarq series is 43% thicker than the average entry door. It’s crafted with cutting-edge materials that resist dents, cracks, and warping like no other entry door can. And it’s built with state-of-the-art technology that gives its glass an industry-best U-Factor of 0.09—the lowest heat conduction measurement ever recorded in an entry door.

The Embarq entry door comes in a huge variety of colors, and it can replicate the look of wood with mirror-image authenticity. It’s the best entry door your money can buy.

ProVia Signet® Fiberglass Entry Doors

Entry Door - ProVia - Signet Fiberglass Front Door - Central MA

The Signet is a gorgeous fiberglass door that can provide the appearance of a wide selection of wood species. Fir. Oak. Mahogany. Cherry. Smooth. Whatever you’re looking for, you can have it with the Signet entry door (along with none of the wood-related maintenance issues!).

Like ProVia’s other entry door lines, the Signet’s inner core is infused with special polyurethane foam insulation for best-in-class efficiency.

ProVia Legacy™ Steel Entry Doors

ProVia Legacy Steel Entry Door - Central MA

This is an entry door where “beauty” and “brawn” meet. Not only does the Legacy series contain 49% more galvanized steel than other metal entry doors, but it also contains innovative energy-efficiency and leak-protection technology.

The Legacy series comes in both a woodgrain-textured and smooth-steel finish. No matter which you choose, you’ve got ample choices when it comes to colors and stains. This lets you get an entry door that looks fantastic and protects your home like no other entry door can.

ProVia Heritage™ Fiberglass Entry Doors

ProVia Heritage Fiberglass Entry Door - Central MA

This is ProVia’s more budget-friendly entry door. But even ProVia’s “economy” door lines smoke every other brand on the market.

The Heritage series offers a smooth fiberglass or wood finish—whichever you choose, you have plenty of color and finish options to select from. You also get exceptional energy efficiency and rugged durability that ensures your door will LAST.

ProVia Aeris Sliding Patio Door - Wood Interior & Vinyl Exterior - Central MA

Patio Doors

When it comes to patio doors in the Boston area, we give you OPTIONS. You can select from sliding glass patio doors and French doors in vinyl, wood, or fiberglass.

No matter which material you choose, you’re guaranteed big-time durability, excellent efficiency, and stunning looks that will help transform your home into the showpiece of the neighborhood.

Provia Visualizer

Visualize Your Dream Door… On The Spot!

We use ProVia’s special home-design technology to craft your perfect door during your consultation.

We take a picture of your home’s exterior. We then upload it to our visualizer software and show you how different ProVia doors, colors, and accessories look on your home. As we display different options, a real-time pricing tool shows you exactly how much it will cost.

With our visualizer tool, you get the PERFECT door for your style and budget. Period.

Why Choose Us For Door Installation?

Solid State Construction Of Central MA - Door Installer - Will

This isn’t just ProVia’s top line—it’s the top entry door on the MARKET.

You can choose the absolute best door on the market… but it absolutely will fail with improper installation.

We sell the best doors you’ll find in the Boston area—and we utilize the precision craftsmanship required to maximize our doors’ performance. We specialize in both replacement installation and custom installation. No matter which you need, our hyper-strict installation process ensures every detail is done 100% right the first time.

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