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Our Proven, Streamlined Process Ensures
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Here’s A Step-By-Step Snapshot Of How We Handle
The Phases Of Your Remodel.

Let’s be honest: Most exterior remodeling in the Boston area doesn’t go according to plan.

Missed deadlines. Poor communication. Important details slipping through the cracks. Overall disorganization. These aren’t anomalies on the average home remodel—they’re the norm.

The reason why? Lack of a proper process. Many companies just don’t have the systems in place to pull off efficient, streamlined remodeling.

We do.

We’ve created a down-to-the-finest-detail process we follow to the “t” on every single job. This keeps your project sailing smoothly from one phase to the next… while all but eliminating the hiccups, hitches, and headaches of the typical remodel.

Our process is extremely in-depth. So instead of going into the nuts and bolts of it, here’s a bird’s-eye view of how we’ll handle your remodel from start to finish…

1. The Initial Call

When you first call us, you’ll speak to our Inside Sales Coordinator (ISC). Their job is to make sure your project and our services are a good fit. You and our ISC discuss your remodel in broad terms. You’ll be asked a few preliminary questions and have the chance to ask questions about our company.

If you and our ISC feel like the project is a good match, our ISC pencils you in for an in-home consultation and quote. The ISC then takes the time to determine which of our Project Consultants would best fit your needs. We don’t just send anyone to your home—we make sure they are the exact right fit for your remodel, goals, and personality.

2. Design Phase

The day of your appointment, your Project Consultant (PC) shows up in business-casual attire—collared shirt, slacks, khakis, nice shoes—and with appropriate identification. No jeans. No t-shirts. We’re a professional company through and through.

Your PC’s mission is to help you design your perfect remodel. Here is what that includes…

  • An in-depth discovery session where the PC asks you smart and insightful questions to understand your needs, goals, and budget.
  • A walkaround of your home to better gauge the scope and possibilities of your project.
  • A product showcase in which your PC lets you see, touch, and test out actual samples.
  • A detailed measure so your PC can produce an accurate proposal.
  • An interactive 3D rendering of your property in our sophisticated modeling program to show you different materials, styles, and colors on your actual home.

After you and our PC review and select the materials for your home, we button up all the details if you decide to move forward. Your PC will go over the proposal in detail, the scope of the work, and your investment options (we offer excellent financing). Once you’ve confirmed you’d like to proceed, it’s on to the next step…

3. Production & Planning

This is the “behind-the-scenes” phase of your project, and it’s spearheaded by our Project Coordinator and your Project Manager.

The Project Coordinator reviews your sales contract for accuracy, gets any necessary permits, schedules your jobs for production, and regularly touches base with you regarding the status of your project’s production. In short, the Project Coordinator helps make sure everything is in order before installation day.

Your Project Manager plans the installation, puts together the crew, orders the products, and drills down the small details (special requirements, dumpster location, etc.). The Project Manager lives in the planning phase of the job and is the overseer of the installation. Their main job is to ensure your installation experience is smooth and the workmanship gets done to the highest quality.

4. Installation

On installation day, we show up on time and 100% prepared. We come to your home with ALL the necessary equipment, products, and resources.

Since your Project Manager focuses on the “big picture” and planning details, it allows our expert installers to focus fully on installation. Everyone knows their exact role, and they work with the efficiency and organization of an ant colony.

Solid State Construction - Installation - Jeff, Will & Chris

For extra-intricate projects, we assign a Site Supervisor to work under your Project Manager. The Site Supervisor is another pair of eyes for the Project Manager and is on-site constantly. The Site Supervisor reports to the Project Manager regularly with updates, milestones, and any issues that may arise. They add yet another layer of oversight to your project and are your “insurance policy” that we follow through.

For more details about our installation for specific services, click on the following pages:

5. Walkthrough & Post-Project

After installation, your Project Manager performs a walkthrough of the project with you. He inspects the work to ensure everything is done right and you are 100% satisfied.

But we don’t stop there. About a week after the project, our Customer Experience Manager (CXM) reaches out to you. Her role is to gauge not just your installation experience, but your entire experience with our company. Should you choose, our CXM will schedule an in-home visit with you to discuss how you feel the project went.

This is a pleasant and relaxed conversation that can be done on your couch over a cup of coffee. Our goal is to make sure our process delivered the high quality that we promised you. Our CXM also comes bearing a gift bag. This is our small way of saying “thanks” for the privilege of letting us improve your home!

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