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Metal Roofing In Central MA&
Where Beauty Meets Brawn

True Nature Metal Shingles Deliver Metal Strength
With The Style All-Natural Roofing.

Metal is an excellent roofing material for Central MA homes. It’s tough. It’s energy-efficient. It’s the last roof you’ll ever have to put on your home.

But let’s face it: When it comes to STYLE, your metal roofing options were pretty much relegated to some type of standing seam design.  

Don’t get us wrong. Standing seam metal roofs look GREAT… but the style isn’t for everyone. 

That’s why we’ve developed the perfect solution: Rugged metal roofing—with beautiful and diverse style options of natural roofing.

Introducing True Nature Metal Roof Tiles

We’ve partnered with an innovative roofing manufacturer Vicwest to provide you with a different breed of metal roofing: True Nature Metal Roof Tiles.

True Nature metal roofing is a next-generation roofing system–period. It replicates the beauty of natural roofing materials with mirror-image authenticity—and does so while providing the pure, rugged strength of steel.

Picture it…

  • The elegant look of cedar shake… without rotting and splitting.
  • The stunning aesthetic of stone slate… without cracks and chips.
  • That distinctive clay tile appearance… without dried-out or broken shingles.

With True Nature Metal Roof Tiles from Solid State Construction, it’s all possible.

The Benefits Of True Nature Metal Roofing

There are many benefits to installing True Nature Metal Roofing Shingles over any other type of roofing material.  Here are just a few good ones:

Benefit #1: Durable Under The Most Extreme Conditions

Your roof bears the brunt of the damage when extreme weather rears its ugly head. So why NOT install a material that can handle Mother Nature’s worst?

That’s what True Nature metal roofing is designed to do. It handles winds up to 215mph. It can take a pummeling from golf-ball-sized hail without denting. And its innovative design sheds rainwater during the heaviest of downpours.

Bottom line: True Nature metal roofing is THE optimal material to have on your Central MA home.

Benefit #2: Incredibly Long-Lasting

Even if the weather is miraculously mild, asphalt shingles only last so long, usually not more than 20 and often as little as ten years. True Nature Metal Shingles have been known to last a lifetime, but you can expect them to last 50 years or more, with little maintenance.

“But what about rust?” you might ask. Ordinarily, rust is a concern with exposed metal, but you won’t have to worry with our specialized coating options. True Nature Metal Tiles are designed for withstanding water and winter weather.!

Even during the worst New England winter, True Nature Metal Tiles from Solid State Construction will help keep your home warm and dry.

Benefit #3: Metal Roofing Is An Eco-Friendly Material

Not only does metal roofing look amazing, protect your home from harsh weather, and last longer than any other type of roofing, but it also helps the planet.  Metal roofing is made from a percentage of recycled materials and can even be recycled again after its lifespan as a roof has come to an end.

Plus, because it remains on your roof for half a century, you are massively reducing the number of roofing materials you will need over your home’s lifespan.  Rather than wasting countless hours and thousands of dollars replacing your roof every 10 to 20 years, invest in a metal roof that will remain intact for 50 years or more!

If all that isn’t enough, metal roofing also helps keep your home cool in the summer by reflecting sunlight.  Hopefully, this will lower your electric bill during the hot summer months.  Save yourself some money while saving the planet!

True Nature Metal Roofing Style Options

True Nature Metal Roofing comes in three signature styles, all designed to look like popular high-end roofing materials.  Picking the right one for your home is all about taste and style.

true nature metal roofing tiles shake central ma

Cedar Creek Shake

Cedar Creek Shake is designed to mimic the exact look and texture of cedar shake tiles.  But, because they’re made of wood, they are not the best material for withstanding a harsh Massachusetts winter.  But Cedar Creek Shake can and will!

true nature metal roofing tiles slate central ma

North Ridge Slate

North Ridge Slate looks exactly like real stone slate, but it is stronger, lighter, and requires less maintenance.  Its unique design forces water from rain or melting snow straight down into your gutter, which is exactly where you want it.

true nature metal roofing tiles clay tile central ma

Coastal Wave Metal Roof Tiles

The Coastal Wave Tiles replicate the look of beautiful clay tiles and can take some damage—unlike clay tiles.  Clay tiles will crack, and chip in even a modest hailstorm, but Coastal Wave Metal Roof Tiles can hold up to all but the worst of the worst and look great the whole time!

Q: “Will Rain And Snow Damage My Metal Roof?”

A: True Nature Metal Roofing tiles are designed to interlock together to form a mini gutter system that reroutes the flow of water straight into your gutters.  This system makes True Nature Metal Roofing the best material for protecting your home from water damage.  Not only that, but our True Nature Metal Roofing shingles receive a special coating that makes them resistant to rust.

Q: “Can My Metal Roofing Tiles Really Last A Lifetime?”

A: Absolutely.  Like other metal roofing, True Nature Metal Roofing Tiles will last 50 years at the MINIMUM. It’s the last roof you’ll ever need for your home.

Q: “How Do Metal Roof Tiles Compare To Other Metal Roof Styles?”

A: True Nature Metal Roofing Tiles are just as durable and efficient as other styles of metal roofing. They also come with brand-exclusive features that allow them to stand apart from other metal roofs; this includes innovations like weep holes that drain directly into your gutters, a water-diverting ridge cap system, and more.

Q: “How Much Do Metal Roofing Shingles Cost?”

A: Like other kinds of metal roofing, metal roof shingles cost a bit more than asphalt roofing. But metal roof shingles have a lower LONG-TERM cost because they last much longer than the average asphalt roof.

Q: “Why Choose Solid State Construction For Roof Installation?”

A: Simply put, we’re Central MA’s roofing authority. Our meticulous roof installation ensures you a project that’s done once and done right. We leave no stone unturned during your roof replacement. End of story.

Q: “Where Can I Get More Information About Metal Roofing?”

A: Explore our main metal roofing page. You’ll find more details about the benefits of metal roofing, as well as common questions Central MA homeowners have about metal roof replacement.