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Pulling Off A Professional Remodel Requires Proper Preparation… Period

Failure To Prepare Is Preparation For Failure. And “Failure” Isn’t In Our Vocabulary.

Would you trust a surgeon who prepped for your operation by glancing at your file 10 seconds before surgery?

Or get on an airplane with a pilot whose training consisted of YouTubing a “how to fly a plane” video?

Or hire a wedding planner whose motto is “We’ll figure things out as we go along”?

No. No. And NO WAY.

So why leave your remodel in the hands of an unprepared, undertrained, unequipped company?

Many companies “wing it” when it comes to remodeling a home. They don’t properly prepare your project or their people… and delays, poor installation, and subpar customer service are the result.

This is the polar opposite of how we operate. You put thousands of your dollars on the line when you remodel your home—and we take our responsibility to deliver seriously. That’s why our insistence on TOTAL preparation encompasses every part of our business—from how we train our salespeople to how we plan your project.

Here are the details…

Preparing Our “Salespeople”

Typical remodeling sales training (not how we do things at Solid State) goes like this:

  • Hire new salesperson
  • Blow through quick 45-minute training PowerPoint about hard-close techniques with new salesperson
  • Unleash new (underprepared) salesperson on unsuspecting homeowners

That’s a proven recipe for an unpleasant experience. And it’s why we zig while other companies zag with regards to sales training. Our Project Consultants outclass traditional salespeople because we properly prepare them to interact with our customers…

  • We make new hires take an entire month of rigorous customer-service training before they take a single step in a customer’s home. The key theme of this training? Don’t sell… EDUCATE.
  • Project Consultants undergo regular training, no matter how much experience they have. There is no such thing as being “too prepared.”
  • Owner Jeff Brooks has created the ultimate best-practices handbook for our Project Consultants. It’s 40+ pages and outlines EVERYTHING expected of a Project Consultant while in your home: etiquette, attire, questions to ask, and much more.
  • We send our Project Consultants on installation scavenger hunts. We give them a list of materials, tools, and installation processes. Then we send them to a jobsite to take pictures of whatever is on the checklist. It’s one of the ways we ensure our Project Consultants have expert knowledge about the products they’re selling.

Visit our Team page to get to know some of our awesome Project Consultants.

Preparing Our Installers

It’s well documented that Michael Jordan worked as hard in practice as he did in actual games. He understood that to be great during game time, you had to PREPARE to be great during game time.

That’s how we approach installation.

We like to make sure our installers are as prepared as possible before they touch someone’s home. That’s why we’ve created exhaustive installation training processes for all of our services. All our installers undergo continuous manufacturer training and education; it doesn’t matter if they have three years of experience or 30. Installation practices constantly evolve… and we make sure our installers are prepared in the latest and greatest techniques.

And we don’t stop there—we’ve even built our own private James Hardie siding installation training facility. This is literally the only James Hardie training facility in New England.

All other Hardie companies in the area would have to send their installers all the way to Chicago for factory training.

Think any of them do? No way.

So when another contractor tells you their installers were factory trained, ask them where and when they trained… and watch them stutter and stammer to come up with an answer.

Because we’ve built our own training facility, we can easily answer the “where’d you train” question: We do it right in our own backyard!

Our factory training is conducted by our Installation Inspector & Trainer (IIT). Our IIT is a former James Hardie representative who joined Solid State Construction specifically to train our Hardie installers and inspect every siding job we perform. (You can find out more about him on our People)

Bottom line: No James Hardie installer in New England has access to the same training resources. It’s how we’re able to provide unrivaled results for homeowners like you.

Preparing Your Project

We prepare your actual project as methodically as we prepare our people.

“Winging it” isn’t our style. We meticulously plan every aspect of your project on the front end to ensure impeccable execution on installation day.

Here is some of what that involves…

  • We carefully consider which installation crew to assign to your project based on their specialization—we don’t just pick whoever is available on installation day. If you have a James Hardie project, you get James Hardie installation specialists. If you have a GAF roofing project, you’re ensured GAF roofing specialists.
  • We take the time to develop a detailed project schedule. This minimizes delays, eliminates surprises, and makes certain we perform your installation as efficiently as possible. On installation day, everyone knows their role, what they need to do, and where they need to be.
  • We stock our vehicles with all the products and materials we need for your job 48 hours before installation. Our Production Manager goes through an itemized checklist to ensure everything is ready to go.
  • We even consider the small details like the location of the dumpster (if necessary), what measures to take to protect your belongings, and whether you have pets that we need to be mindful of. We plan for EVERYTHING.

For additional details about how we prepare your project, visit our Process page. You’ll find out more about how we streamline your entire experience—from the first call to the final walkthrough.

Prepare For A Measured, 100% Thought-Through Remodel

Doing things on the fly? Winging it? Making it up as we go along? That’s not us. Everything we do is premeditated, planned out, and prepared. It’s the only way to provide you with a refreshingly pleasant and premium-quality remodel.

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