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The MetroWest Exterior Remodeler As Excited About Your Project As You Are

From The First Time You Call Us, You’ll See We’re A Company That Cares.

Let’s face it—finding a company that’s genuinely passionate about remodeling is rare.

Too many companies treat the job as a means to an end. They go through the motions, unenthused and uninspired. For them, it’s all about rushing through the project to collect the check.

We’re different.

From the first time you call us, you’ll see we’re a different kind of remodeler—one that truly cares about your project.

We’re not a “go-through-the-motions” remodeling company. Just the opposite. Solid State Construction is founder Jeff Brooks’ labor of love. His mission was to bring that sorely lacking passion BACK to the remodeling industry… and find like-minded individuals to help him achieve his goal.

Our passion is why we…

  • Have ultra-strict hiring processes to find the best People. We want ONLY those who possess unbridled enthusiasm for remodeling your home.
  • Place extensive time and resources into perfecting our customer-first, customer-always Process. It’s why we’re the only remodeler in New England that has a Customer Experience Manager whose entire job is to ensure that you have an unparalleled and amazing experience.
  • Built special customer-service and installation training programs so our people achieve peak Preparation. We consider EVERYTHING so you lack for NOTHING.
  • Exude Professionalism during every phase of your project. We treat you with the respect, civility, and priority you deserve.
  • Provide Peace Of Mind during and after your project. We have the resources to deliver hassle-free home improvement and the staying power to be here no matter when you need us.

Simply put, we’re head-over-heels for remodeling. Everything about it excites us.

We love talking to customers. We love planning projects (the more complex, the better). We love hyper-technical, exceptionally nerdy remodeling concepts and installation practices. We. Love. It. All.

So give us a call. We’re thrilled every time the phone rings. It means another potential project in which to pour our unwavering passion… and produce world-class results for you.

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