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Why Do New England Homeowners Prefer James Hardie Siding?

James Hardie Siding - Central MA - Solid State Construction

With so many siding options available, what is it about James Hardie Siding that has homeowners (and us, honestly) so obsessed with it?

At Solid State Construction, James Hardie fiber cement siding is our “bread and butter.” It’s the siding we eat, sleep, breathe, and by far install the most on our customers’ homes.

In fact, it’s likely the siding we’ll recommend during your home during your consultation.


We’re remodeling geeks through and through. In 2012, we assembled a special research team to analyze ALL of the siding options and brands on the market.

Our goal: To find the BEST siding technology for the New England climate for homeowners like you… and then become the BEST at installing it.

After months of grueling product testing, our research pointed us in one glaringly obvious direction: James Hardie fiber cement siding.

Simply put, James Hardie is the best siding for your New England home. Why?

  • Off-the-charts durability
  • The longest lifespan of any siding material (it has the life expectancy of brick!)
  • Gorgeous aesthetics that skyrocket your home’s curb appeal
  • The hands-down highest return on investment of virtually any remodeling project
  • High-end performance resulting from Hardie’s groundbreaking climate-specific technology

As an independent company, we can choose to install any brand of siding we want. And we emphatically choose James Hardie.

Not because it’s the most profitable.

Not because we have some sort of “backdoor deal” with Hardie.

We install it because it’s the best siding for New England homeowners like you. HANDS. DOWN.

It’s why we’ve worked exhaustively to become the biggest James Hardie installer in New England. After all… when you choose the best siding, you better be able to execute the installation it deserves.

More Reasons Why James Hardie Siding Is Right For Your Home

James Hardie Is Built For Massachusetts’ Climate

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding - HardieZone 5 For Central MA

James Hardie understands there is no one-sizes-fits-all siding for every climate. That’s why they’ve developed the HardieZone® system—a process in which Hardie custom-engineers different models of its siding based on climate.

For our climate, we install the HZ5® product line. HZ5 Hardie siding is built to resist damage from snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. Special enhancements like a custom drip edge provide improved water management, while a cold-climate-customized surface allows for superior paint adhesion and resistance to moisture.

Bottom line: HZ5 Hardie siding is built for extreme temperature shifts, year-round precipitation, and maximum stability under the harshest circumstances. In other words, the exact kind of siding you need to battle New England’s erratic weather.

James Hardie Is TOUGH

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding - Hail Resistance In Central MA

Vinyl siding quickly melts when exposed to fire, while wood siding quickly burns and further fuels the flames.

James Hardie fiber cement, however, resists fire better than any siding on the market… by far. Since Hardie siding is 90% sand and cement, it’s non-combustible. It won’t melt like vinyl, and it won’t burn or contribute to a fire like wood. Hardie is THE siding you want on your home if fire safety is a concern.

But Hardie siding’s durability doesn’t end there. It is five times thicker than vinyl, has the life expectancy of brick, and stands tall against the most severe weather—from pummeling hailstorms to 140mph winds. It’s also the siding material pests hate most: bugs won’t eat it, woodpeckers won’t peck it, and common home-damaging critters won’t harm it. Period.

James Hardie Gives More Bang For Your Buck

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding - Best Return On Invesment In Central MA

Every year, Remodeling (the industry’s #1 magazine) comes out with a “Cost Vs. Value” report. This ranks which remodeling projects provide you with the most bang for your buck.

Remodeling ranked fiber cement siding as THE best return on investment of any remodeling project for 10 straight years. Better than kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, and everything else!

The secret to James Hardie’s unmatched value? Durability and lifespan play a big role. But another value-enhancing feature is how long Hardie’s LOOKS last. Hardie’s ColorPlus® Technology allows it to retain its beauty much longer than other siding materials. Fiber cement siding is also ultra-easy to paint. If you want to freshen up the look of your Hardie siding, it’s as easy as cleaning it and applying your choice of exterior paint.

James Hardie Looks Great With Little Upkeep

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding - HardieShingle - Central MA

Yes, Wood Siding looks amazing. But it requires a huge maintenance commitment if you want to retain its looks (sanding, scraping, staining).

James Hardie siding fixes this problem. It can replicate the gorgeous look of wood siding with mirror-image authenticity while eliminating all the wood-related upkeep. Hardie siding also comes in a wide variety of other styles to provide you with the perfect look to match your tastes.

James Hardie siding can either be painted on the jobsite or prefinished with Hardie’s renowned ColorPlus® Technology. ColorPlus is a baked-on finish that is applied in a controlled environment in James Hardie’s factory. It’s a state-of-the-art finish that resists chipping, cracking, peeling, and fading better than anything else on the market.

James Hardie Provides Unconditional Peace Of Mind

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding – Snow Resistance – Central MA

Hardie fiber cement comes with the strongest siding warranties in Central MA. You get…

  • A limited transferable 30-year warranty on installation and materials
  • A 15-year trim warranty on installation and materials
  • A 10-year weather-barrier warranty
  • A 15-year finish warranty on ColorPlus-enhanced siding that covers cracking, blistering, peeling, and chipping
  • James Hardie is also the only siding to earn the Good Housekeeping Seal. This provides you with an extra layer of protection, as products with the Seal are covered by Good Housekeeping itself.

Best of all: Hardie’s warranties are NON-prorated. That means you receive the exact same materials and installation coverage 30 years from now as you did the day we completed your job.

Why is that a big deal?

You can find plenty of vinyl siding brands with 50-year warranties. But these warranties are That means the amount of coverage you receive decreases over time. In other words… a “50-year” installation warranty many only fully protect you for 10 to 15 years!

When you choose Hardie, that won’t happen. You can rest easy knowing you’re COMPLETELY covered. Always.

James Hardie Is MetroWest’s Greenest Siding

James Hardie is so devoted to green initiatives that they’ve been named Green Builder Media’s “Greenest Siding Brand” by professionals for six years running.

  • Hardie locally sources at least 75% of its raw materials, which are extracted and processed near a Hardie facility to reduce transportation.
  • Hardie’s ColorPlus Technology is baked on in the factory to eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during on-site painting.
  • The Zero To Landfill Project is the company’s ironclad commitment to cutting their landfill waste in half.
  • Fiber cement needs fewer resources for replacement, maintenance, and repairs. Hardie products can also contribute to LEED New Construction points.

James Hardie siding is so environmentally friendly that we’re the rare contractor to earn a spot at the annual Boston GreenFest!

Why Choose Us For James Hardie Installation In Central MA?

Solid State Construction Of Central MA - Siding Installer - Will

Plenty of siding contractors in the area install James Hardie. And a few of them are even James Hardie Elite Preferred. None of them, however, have been selected for the James Hardie President’s Club as we have.

Out of thousands of companies across the country, Hardie chooses just 20 each year for its President’s Club. In other words, it’s a distinction reserved for the absolute cream-of-the-crop Hardie contractors… and a distinction we’re proud to have earned for three years running (2017, 2018, and 2019!).

Get a behind-the-scenes peek at the private Hardie training facility—our labor of love dedicated to the best siding on the market.

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