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We’re The Rare Remodeler That Specializes
In Insert And Full-Frame Installation…
And Gets Them Both RIGHT.

Would you microwave filet mignon? Paint a BMW with finger paint? Surround Tom Brady with pee-wee football players?

No way.

So why buy world-class windows and doors if your contractor is just going to use inferior installation?

Here’s the truth: You could buy the best windows and doors in the Boston area. But improper installation will wipe out practically ALL of their benefits… and leave you with drafts, leaks, and ballooning energy bills.

At Solid State Construction, cut-rate window and door installation is a cardinal sin. We’ve assembled a team of installation wizards. They’re highly trained, immensely skilled, and obsessed with details. They’ll fanatical about getting everything exactly right the first time—zero exceptions.

Solid State Construction Full Frame Window Installation - Central MA

We Do Insert Installation And Full-Frame Installation

Insert installation (also known as replacement) consists of removing the old window or door and inserting a new one into the existing frame. Full-frame installation involves tearing out the frame, stripping the cavity bare, reconstructing the opening where necessary, and installing new insulation and flashing.

Nine out of 10 Boston-area remodelers do only insert installation because it’s easier, cheaper, and faster. We, however, do whichever method is best for your home.

If your frames are in good shape, we’ll recommend insert installation. If we determine that your frames will destroy any and all benefits of your new windows and doors, we’ll recommend full-frame installation. At Solid State Construction, it’s not about doing what’s easy… it’s about doing what’s RIGHT.

You wouldn’t nuke a juicy filet mignon, finger-paint a BMW, or put Tom Brady on a team with 10-year-olds. So why put best-in-class windows and doors in the hands of a contractor that will quash their true potential?

Contact us. We’re the company that utilizes PROPER installation to maximize the capabilities, efficiency, and lifespan of your new windows and doors in the Boston area.

Snap Shot

Insert Installation vs. Full-Frame Installation*

Insert Installation

  • New window installed in existing frame
  • Existing interior and exterior trim remain
  • Quicker and less expensive than full-frame installation
  • Ideal if existing frames are in good shape

Full-Frame Installation

  • Existing window, frame, and trim all removed
  • Cavity stripped bare, inspected, and (if necessary) restored
  • Insulation, flashing, sill pan, and nailing flange installed
  • Window dry set into opening to ensure a plumb, level, and square fit
  • New casings, stool, aprons, and headers installed and painted/stained
  • More expensive and time-consuming than insert installation
  • Produces superior efficiency, insulation, leak protection, and lifespan

*Comparison based on window installation.

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