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FAQs For Our Siding Installation In Central MA & Boston

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Q: “Why Choose Solid State Construction For My Siding Installation?”

A: A few reasons. First, we follow what we call the 6 P’s For Exterior Remodeling Excellence. It’s our tried-and-true system for crafting a better remodeling project for the modern homeowner like you. You can find out more about it on our Why Us page.

Second: Out of thousands of companies, James Hardie selects only TWENTY per year for its ultra-exclusive President’s Club. Guess who was the first company ever chosen from New England… and guess who was the second and third?

Third: We get a little geeky when it comes to installation. Seriously, we built a James Hardie training facility in our warehouse and everything. We even have a Hardie rep come out regularly to show us the latest tools and teach us the latest techniques. We’re the rare Boston-area siding contractor with an insatiable hunger to learn… and then learn some more. Click here to see how we’re savants of Siding Installation.

Q: “What Kinds Of Siding Do You Install In Central MA?”

A: James Hardie fiber cement siding is our bread and butter, but we also install premium-quality wood siding and vinyl siding. We can provide whatever siding works best for your situation—period.

Q: “How Do I Know Which Type Of Siding Is Best For My Home?”

A: We can determine this during your free Project Consultation. The truth is that different siding materials have different benefits, features, and price points. We can help you navigate your options to find the right siding material for your situation.

Q: “What Can I Expect During An In-Home Appointment?”

A: Customer education—not obnoxious solicitation. We don’t send the stereotypical remodeling “sales gangster” to your home. Our expert Project Consultants create a pleasant, informative, and relaxed environment because they make a salary instead of working on commission.

Salary-based pay not only takes the pressure off our Project Consultants to hard sell, but it also attracts higher quality candidates for our Consultant positions. We’ve devised a pay system that filters out the hustlers who subject you to sales pressure, pricing games, and compliance tricks.

Q: “How Much Does Your Siding Cost The Central MA Homeowner?”

A: Our prices align with what it takes to pull off your project right. No more. No less.

That might not make us the cheapest, but it also means we don’t spike our prices to squeeze every last penny from you. When you choose Solid State, you choose the greatest value. It’s that simple.

Q: “Who, Exactly, Will Be Installing My Siding?”

A: As New England’s biggest independent exterior remodeler, we have the resources to train a high-volume of smart, skilled, and passionate people. We have eight crews of installation experts for James Hardie siding alone!

To ensure smooth sailing during your installation, a dedicated Project Manager spearheads the planning and overall execution of your project. James Hardie siding installation can be intricate, so we make sure to dedicate the appropriate number of professionals to every job.

Q: “Do You Offer Financing?”

A: Yes. We offer a wide variety of excellent financing options through GreenSky. To explore some of our payment plans and apply, visit our financing page.

Q: “Are Your Siding Consultations Free?”

A: Yes! Not only are our consultations free, but they are also highly educational. Before your appointment, we assign a handpicked Project Consultant to your project. Your Project Consultant will make an expert recommendation and can help guide you to the look, style, and material you truly want.

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