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Here Are Some Of The People Who Will
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We’re New Englanders through and through. People who were born and raised in Boston. People who have been Patriots season ticket holders for 30 years. People who volunteer regularly in the community. People who are ecstatic about providing YOU with the most amazing remodeling experience you’ll ever have.

Let us introduce you to our team…

Jeff Brooks

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jeff founded Solid State Construction in 2006. The wearer of many hats and self-styled “siding and roofing geek,” Jeff’s #1 focus is creating the most innovative, customer-forward remodeling company.

Background: Jeff graduated from Assumption College in Worcester. Jeff became a roofer during college and eventually learned siding and framing. After that, he took on many roles at various companies—installer, a sales manager, a general manager, and more during his 25+ years in the business.

Favorite Part Of The Job: The Solid State team. They are Jeff’s inspiration every day.

Personal Life: Jeff is also busy helping to raise three awesome kids —Trey, Bennett, and Isabelle. Jeff loves all things outdoors, from hiking to skiing to kite surfing. He enjoys traveling, experiencing new places, and meeting new people.

Steve Des Lauriers

Steve Delauriers

Director of Learning & Development

Steve’s role forms a strategic partnership with Jeff and is responsible for creating all of the training resources and developing the tools necessary for the entire team to learn and grow with the business.. Steve is instrumental in our growth plan to ensure every member of the team is successful in providing the best customer experience possible every time.

Background: Steve comes with many years of expertise and experience in sales and management training with industry leading companies. He has developed training programs and tools tailored to the needs of many different clients during his career. He has worked with varied sales and management teams and training platforms and brings his insights, knowledge and sense of humor with him to help manage our strong growth trajectory. Steve shares our vision and mission and sets the example with his strong work ethic and values.

Favorite Part Of The Job: Steve’s favorite part of the job is seeing our team grow and flourish in their roles and improving their quality of life. “The satisfaction comes from seeing everyone collaborate together, feeling engaged, being efficient and celebrating our success. Jeff is invested in his people and creates new opportunities for everyone to thrive and develop to their full potential while maintaining a healthy work life balance.. It is a cornerstone to the success of the organization…”

Personal Life: Steve enjoys hanging at the beach with his dog Luna and volunteering where needed in his community. He is a mentor and coach and loves to travel with his friends and is an avid skier and tennis player. He can be found with his nose buried in the latest historical biography or reading about new ways to develop his skills and bringing the latest industry notes to the team.

Lisa Wyn

Lisa Wyn

Director of Customer Experience

Lisa Wyn is our Director of Customer Experience for SSC. Her role is to ensure everyone who comes in contact with our company experiences the best every time. She leads the way with her customer focus and ability to communicate effectively with all of our customers, vendors, and employees. Lisa also is instrumental in curating the SSC image on social media and our interactive websites and platforms.

Background: Lisa has over 15 years experience in the home remodeling industry and brings her effusive personality and expertise to every interaction. She has excelled in many management and training roles in the industry and brings her knowledge and experience to our team. She knows how to get things done and can find a solution for anything thrown her way.

Favorite Part Of The Job: I enjoy the fast paced atmosphere and the fun environment we work in. The camaraderie among my colleagues makes everyone want to succeed as we all strive to make our company better every day with every interaction.

Personal Life: Lisa enjoys staying fit and healthy by hiking, running and taking long walks in nature. She loves to spend time with her longtime partner and his kids enjoying the great outdoors together and exploring new adventures.

She is a wine enthusiast and has educated other oenophiles in her free time over the years as well.

Alex Phoummalayvane

Alex Phoummalayvane

Internal Sales Coordinator

Alex is likely the first person you’ll talk to here. He handles incoming phone calls, makes sure your needs and our services align, and sets appointments.

Background: Alex joined us in June 2018. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and has always had an interest in business and sales. Alex gained invaluable industry experience working as an Inside Sales Representative at Renewal By Andersen. He eventually moved to a position in staffing sales outside of remodeling, but his interest in the industry brought him back.

Favorite Part Of The Job: Alex likes being an important part of the company and being surrounded by supportive people who appreciate his work.

Personal Life: Alex’s parents grew up in Laos and came to America in search of a better life. They met each other in Southbridge, MA, which is where Alex was born. Alex enjoys reading non-fiction books and watching New England Sports. He also a big seafood fan.

Chris Lamica

Chris Lamica

Project Manager

Chris is one of the people who put together the master plan for your remodel. He sees to it that we execute your project efficiently, accurately, and to the highest quality.

Background: Chris has been in remodeling for over 25 years, and he’s been part of the Solid State team since November 2015. Chris has seen, done, and experienced practically everything this industry has to offer—and that’s what makes him such an effective Senior Project Manager.

Favorite Part Of The Job: For Chris, there is nothing more satisfying than putting a project plan together and then executing it with laser-beam precision on a customer’s home.

Personal Life: Chris is happily married and has a 24-year-old daughter who is finishing graduate school. Chris enjoys quiet time with his family. He is also a diehard New England Patriots fan, holding season tickets for the past 30 years!

Nick Keegan

Project Manager

As a Project Manager, Nick’s role is to ensure that every detail of your project is covered, He orders products, schedules installations and coordinates with the rest of the team to ensure each project meets his clients expectations.

Background: Nick started out as a carpenter working on his own. He eventually decided to seek a managerial position. Now, he’s a valuable member of the Solid State team!

Favorite Part Of The Job: Nick’s favorite aspects of the job include interacting with customers and the freedom to set his own agendas and schedules.

Personal Life: Nick has seven siblings. He enjoys the outdoors, football, woodworking, exercising, and hiking.

Brandon King

Brandon King

Project Manager

Brandon is responsible for ensuring our customers get the highest level of service throughout their installation. He spends his time working with his customers, work crews, vendors and office support staff. He is the guy who schedules the work, the materials and the crews for his assigned projects and makes sure everyone is on the same page every day to complete your project on time and as expected.

Background: Brandon spent most of his professional life in carpentry. He has always been the type to believe that “If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward.” Brandon is always eager to add to his responsibilities and grow his skills.

Favorite Part Of The Job: Solid State gives Brandon the ability to be in the construction/carpentry industry while also allowing him to utilize his management degree.

Personal Life: As Brandon says, “My personal life is filled with love.” Brandon’s wife Amanda is an amazing, fun-loving soul who is his rock. He also gets love from his dogs, Levy and Oscar. For Brandon, nature is therapy—nothing beats being in the middle of the woods with his wife and dogs. Brandon also plays guitar and does finish carpentry projects.

Rudi DaSilva

Rudi DaSilva

James Hardie Site Supervisor

Rudi Da Silva is Solid State’s James Hardie siding installation guru. He runs the Hardie training for installers and visits every James Hardie jobsite to make sure the job is done right every time.

Rudi is famous in the company for saying, “You must respect the installation manual 100%!”

Background: Rudi has 20 years of construction experience. He started in masonry and later moved to James Hardie, where he became the New England installation guru. Rudi spent 10 years with James Hardie, inspecting installations and running training programs for installers. When we ran installation training in the past, James Hardie would send Rudi. We loved Rudi so much that he’s now a full-time member of our team!

Favorite Part Of The Job: Rudi loves helping new installers become proficient and helping proficient installers become amazing. Rudi is passionate about details and loves sharing that passion with others. 

Personal Life: Rudi has a loving wife and three children—Pedro, Ian, and Nicholas. In his spare time, Rudi enjoys playing soccer, going hiking, and kayaking. Rudi is also tri-lingual, speaking English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Heidi Wilson

Project Consultant

Heidi helps homeowners through the sales and selection process. Her vast experience with James Hardie makes her particularly adept at helping our customers get the perfect siding project.

Background: Heidi was a salesperson at the top James Hardie company in Colorado for 10 years. She eventually moved to New Hampshire and worked at one of our competitors. When she heard we were the top Hardie company in New England, she came over to our team in March 2015.

Favorite Part Of The Job: Heidi loves the people she works with. The comradery among the Solid State team is unlike anything else!

Personal Life: Heidi is an avid kayaker. She also likes fishing and visiting with family and friends.

Kerri Tracy

Kerri Tracy

Project Consultant

Kerri is passionate about helping homeowners transform their house into the home of their dreams. She will identify the best solution for your project and welcome you into the Solid State family where we will bring your project to life!

Background: Kerri is a serial remodeler with a decade of experience in home improvement. Kerri’s love of design, industry knowledge, and superior communication skills allow her to make the selection process easy and fun.

Favorite Part Of The Job: Being part of the Solid State team is the best part of Kerri’s job. The expertise and professionalism cannot be matched, and we live by the work hard, play hard motto.

Personal Life: Kerri is married with two kiddos and together, they lead a very active, family-oriented lifestyle. She is often chastised for being a fierce competitor and will rarely even let her young kids win a board game. In her spare time, you can find Kerri working in her garden or playing outside with family and friends.

Nicole Champy

Nicole Champy

Project Consultant

Background: Nicole has worked in the construction industry for most of her career and has been able to learn many aspects of the trades throughout her journey. She is also a design specialist who will work with you to create the home of your dreams.

Favorite Part Of The Job: Nicole’s favorite part of the job is helping people bring their home improvement dreams to reality. It is exciting to work with a team who knows what they do and do it well….it is rewarding to see the results of our work every day…

Personal Life: Nicole is married and spends her time raising her son and spending time with her English bulldog. When not working, she enjoys being outside, snowboarding and dirt biking.

Frank LoSchiavo

Project Consultant

Frank’s biography and information will be completed and available soon!

Dan Souers

Dan Souers

Project Consultant

Dan loves to help people discover the ideal project for their home. He genuinely cares about each customer’s unique situation and takes time to carefully craft a solution.

Background: Dan joined SSC in 2020 and comes to us from the K12 and higher education market where he was a Director of Business Development. He has enjoyed doing home improvement projects for many hears decided to join Solid State to finally align his professional skills with his passion for home improvement.

Favorite Part Of The Job: Dan loves that every project is unique, and loves restoring homes to look like new, and New England is perfect for that!

Personal Life: Dan is married and has two children. He loves watching his daughter play softball and his son play basketball, soccer, and lacrosse. When time allows, he enjoys skiing and snowboarding and relaxing on his boat.

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