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We’re New Englanders through and through. People who were born and raised in Boston. People who have been Patriots season ticket holders for 30 years. People who volunteer regularly in the community. People who are ecstatic about providing YOU with the most amazing remodeling experience you’ll ever have.

Let us introduce you to our team…

Jeff Brooks

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jeff founded Solid State Construction in 2006. The wearer of many hats and self-styled “siding and roofing geek,” Jeff’s #1 focus is creating the most innovative, customer-forward remodeling company.

Background: Jeff graduated from Assumption College in Worcester. Jeff became a roofer during college and eventually learned siding and framing. After that, he took on many roles at various companies—installer, a sales manager, a general manager, and more during his 25+ years in the business.

Favorite Part Of The Job: The Solid State team. They are Jeff’s inspiration every day.

Personal Life: CFO Erika Barnish is Jeff’s wife and the love of his life. Jeff and Erika are raising three awesome kids—Trey, Bennett, and Isabelle. Jeff loves all things outdoors, from hiking to skiing to kite surfing. He enjoys traveling, experiencing new places, and meeting new people.

Erika Barnish

Chief Financial Officer

Erika manages accounting, human resources, IT, and more. In 2014, Erika joined the team and revamped the company’s procedures and hiring processes. She’s the keystone for Solid State’s rapid growth in recent years.

Background: Erika’s professional background has given her a wide range of skills. She was a recruiter for a staffing/search firm in Chicago for six years. She also worked with CareerBuilder as a corporate recruitment manager, overseeing the talent acquisition program for 40+ home improvement retail branches.

Favorite Part Of The Job: Erika’s favorite part of the job is interacting with Solid State team members and customers!

Personal Life: Founder Jeff Brooks is Erika’s husband. Above everything else, Erika is the manager and mother of their three children, Trey, Bennett, and Isabelle. Her family truly takes priority in her life. When she’s not spending time with her family, Erika loves to travel to warm places and see her favorite bands live in concert.

Alex Phoummalayvane

Internal Sales Coordinator

Alex is likely the first person you’ll talk to here. He handles incoming phone calls, makes sure your needs and our services align, and sets appointments.

Background: Alex joined us in June 2018. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and has always had an interest in business and sales. Alex gained invaluable industry experience working as an Inside Sales Representative at Renewal By Andersen. He eventually moved to a position in staffing sales outside of remodeling, but his interest in the industry brought him back.

Favorite Part Of The Job: Alex likes being an important part of the company and being surrounded by supportive people who appreciate his work.

Personal Life: Alex’s parents grew up in Laos and came to America in search of a better life. They met each other in Southbridge, MA, which is where Alex was born. Alex enjoys reading non-fiction books and watching New England Sports. He also a big seafood fan.

Caitlin Martin

Bookkeeper, Social Media Manager

Caitlin wears several hats: bookkeeper, social media manager, community-event planner, and more. She does what needs doing at the office, which is what makes her such a special part of the team.

Background: Caitlin got started as a barista, where she learned invaluable customer service skills. She progressed into banking, and then into bookkeeping at a South Shore roofing company. She worked in municipal bookkeeping before joining our team in April 2018.

Favorite Part Of The Job: Caitlin enjoys her jack-of-all-trades role. Today, she might be processing payroll. Tomorrow, she could be putting together a social media calendar or planning community events. Her job is never boring!

Personal Life: Caitlin lives in West Fitchburg with her husband and two daughters. Her favorite hobbies are painting, pottery, and kusudama (a type of ball origami). Because of her background as a barista, Caitlin is a bit of a java snob. She tastes coffee like most people taste wine!

Doug Hobson

Sales Manager

Doug is a vital member of our sales team. He is passionate about his work because he truly cares about helping customers.

Favorite Part Of The Job:

Doug enjoys how much potential for growth Solid State provides. There is nothing better than a company that rewards its employees’ efforts and hard work.

Personal Life: When he’s not working, Doug loves to hit the slopes.

Bill Almond

Project Consultant

Bill helps guide you to a remodeling project you’ll LOVE. Once a victim of an unscrupulous contractor, Bill is someone who unwaveringly believes in our mission: providing a better remodeling experience for homeowners.

Background: Before joining us, Bill was a successful Financial Advisor. After 17 years, Bill decided on a career change. He wanted something in which he’d still be able to help people. Joining our team in August 2019 was the perfect choice.

Favorite Part Of The Job: Bill likes that his role provides something new every day. He considers it a privilege to help people solve a significant problem like a home improvement project.

Personal Life: Bill is a single dad to his 14-year-old son, Liam. He also coaches several sports and has done so off and on for over 30 years. Bill is the Head Coach of the Team USA U16 ball-hockey team that will play in the World Championships in Finland in 2020.

Heidi Wilson

Project Consultant

Heidi helps homeowners through the sales and selection process. Her vast experience with James Hardie makes her particularly adept at helping our customers get the perfect siding project.

Background: Heidi was a salesperson at the top James Hardie company in Colorado for 10 years. She eventually moved to New Hampshire and worked at one of our competitors. When she heard we were the top Hardie company in New England, she came over to our team in March 2015.

Favorite Part Of The Job: Heidi loves the people she works with. The comradery among the Solid State team is unlike anything else!

Personal Life: Heidi is an avid kayaker. She also likes fishing and visiting with family and friends.

Rob Blanchflower

Project Consultant

Rob is one of the people who will help you determine the best solution for your home. His responsibilities include designing your project, producing an accurate scope of work, and developing a pricing model that aligns with your construction goals.

Background: Rob started at Solid State Construction in August of 2019. Rob has a diverse professional background. He spent two years in the NFL, one year in tech sales in Silicon Valley, and three years doing media production in Boston. He has used his extensive experience to tackle (pun intended) the specific challenges of the remodeling industry.

Favorite Part Of The Job: Rob passionately believes in the products Solid State installs. He also loves that we’re the rare remodeling company that emphasizes honesty and integrity over all else.

Personal Life: Rob is a husband and father of two. He loves the outdoors, athletics, and learning new things. He is also an avid photographer and videographer.

Martin Kelly

Project Coordinator

Martin touches on every project from start to finish—reviewing contracts, scheduling production, pulling permits, and even designing decks and porticos.

Background: Martin has two master’s degrees in structural engineering. His early career was engineering the design of buildings, bridges, and antenna structures. Martin shifted to applications engineering and then to sales of computer-aided engineering and analysis software. He sold software and managed sales/technical teams for 25 years until returning to construction in 2016. In October 2018, Martin joined us.

Favorite Part Of The Job: Martin likes that every day is different—it lets him solve new problems in innovative ways. He also enjoys speaking with customers and being part of a team that delivers quality work.

Personal Life:Martin has been married for over 40 years. His wife is a retired probation officer, and he has two adult children—a daughter who is a treasury analyst with TJX Company and a son who is an Executive Chef at Shovel Town Brewery. He also plays the guitar and piano.

Chris Lamica

Project Manager

Chris is one of the people who put together the master plan for your remodel. He sees to it that we execute your project efficiently, accurately, and to the highest quality.

Background: Chris has been in remodeling for over 25 years, and he’s been part of the Solid State team since November 2015. Chris has seen, done, and experienced practically everything this industry has to offer—and that’s what makes him such an effective Project Manager.

Favorite Part Of The Job: For Chris, there is nothing more satisfying than putting a project plan together and then executing it with laser-beam precision on a customer’s home.

Personal Life: Chris is happily married and has a 24-year-old daughter who is finishing graduate school. Chris enjoys quiet time with his family. He is also a diehard New England Patriots fan, holding season tickets for the past 30 years!

Nick Keegan

Assistant Project Manager

As Assistant Project Manager, Nick helps oversee projects, order products, and assist with customer communication.

Background: Nick started out as a carpenter working on his own. He eventually decided to seek a managerial position. Now, he’s a valuable member of the Solid State team!

Favorite Part Of The Job: Nick’s favorite aspects of the job include interacting with customers and the freedom to set his own agendas and schedules.

Personal Life: Nick has seven siblings. He enjoys the outdoors, football, woodworking, exercising, and hiking.

Brandon King

Assistant Project Manager & Site Supervisor

Brandon helps Project Managers coordinate different aspects of the remodel. Some of Brandon’s duties include ensuring the materials are on site, customers are receiving proper communication, keeping track of job statuses, and helping execute installation plans.

Background: Brandon spent most of his professional life in carpentry. He has always been the type to believe that “If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward.” Brandon is always eager to add to his responsibilities and grow his skills.

Favorite Part Of The Job: Solid State gives Brandon the ability to be in the construction/carpentry industry while also allowing him to utilize his management degree.

Personal Life: As Brandon says, “My personal life is filled with love.” Brandon’s wife Amanda is an amazing, fun-loving soul who is his rock. He also gets love from his dogs, Levy and Oscar. For Brandon, nature is therapy—nothing beats being in the middle of the woods with his wife and dogs. Brandon also plays guitar and does finish carpentry projects.

Dennis Colameta

Site Supervisor

Dennis’s role is to assist installation crews, perform material runs, communicate with customers, and be the “eyes” on the jobsite for the Project Manager.

Background: Dennis got his start in the industry by working for a large residential-remodeling company for three years. As he gained experience, he grew into different roles before coming aboard the Solid State team.

Favorite Part Of The Job: There are many, many aspects Dennis loves about his job. He likes that every day is different and that he is constantly learning new things. He enjoys solving problems and being a hands-on project contributor from start to finish. Most of all, he relishes face-to-face communication with homeowners and making customers happy.

Personal Life: Dennis has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. His hobbies include golfing, cooking, fishing, working out, and playing in his hockey league.

Macristina Delatina

Marketing & Events Coordinator

Macristina (Tina) is in charge of our marketing. She plans trade shows and events, as well as provides marketing support to Project Consultants to help them secure materials from manufacturers. She also performs quality-control evaluations with customers, assists on project consulting, and renders 3D models of projects using our high-tech software.

Background: Macristina spent 20 years in nutritional and pharmaceutical sales in the Philippines and Boston. She also worked Outside Sales for the National Federation Of Independent Business. Macristina was hired as a Solid State Project Consultant before taking over as Marketing & Events Coordinator.

Favorite Part Of The Job: Macristina loves helping transform customers’ homes, planning trade shows and events, and performing courtesy calls with our customers.

Personal Life: Macristina is married to her best friend, Tony. Dancing is one of her passions—she would actively participate during Filipino fiestas and events. She also loves watching sports. Macristina predicted the Boston Red Sox would break the Curse Of The Bambino in 2004!

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