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MetroWest’s Roof Installation Overachievers

We’re In The 3% Of GAF Master Elite® Roofers… But We Go Well Beyond Master Elite Standards.

Fewer than 3% of all roofers have GAF Master Elite distinction. As part of this group, we’re one of just a few roof installers in Central MA and the Boston that adheres to GAF’s rigid Master Elite policies…

Simply put, Hardie ticks every box on your siding wish list:

  • 99% Customer Satisfaction: GAF performs unannounced surveys of a Master Elite roofer’s customers. A Master Elite roofer must maintain a 99% customer-satisfaction rating.
  • Perfect Marks With The BBB: GAF requires Master Elite roofers have at least an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau. (We have an A+!)
  • 7+ Years In Business: To prove they have staying power, Master Elite roofers must be in business for at least seven years. (We’ve been around since 2006.)
  • Financial Stability: GAF requires Master Elite roofers to have spotless bank records, good credit, on-time bill payment, and zero liens.
  • Strict Product Selection & Specifications: To qualify for Master Elite status, a roofer must use a specific number of GAF products on each and every job, as well as adhere to firm installation specifications.

As you can see, our Master Elite distinction means you can trust us to provide you with exceptional roof replacement. But the truth is we utilize installation techniques and practices that go above and beyond Master Elite standards.

Call us overachievers. Call us obsessive. Call us roofing eggheads. They’re all true. The simple fact is we’re fanatical about the finest details… details other roofers either don’t care to consider or even know to look for.

Here’s a look at a few of our above-and-beyond roofing practices…

Vetting Your Ventilation

Attic ventilation is one of THE most important aspects of your roof. It affects everything from your roof’s performance to your home’s energy efficiency.

Attic ventilation is also one of the aspects that roofers skimp on most. Some don’t have the knowledge to properly assess your attic’s ventilation; others just don’t care to do it. Either way, you suffer.

We treat attic ventilation with the attention it deserves. We perform our special Deep Ventilation Analysis on every roof inspection—zero exceptions. We even record our findings with this handy checklist…

We document our findings because different homes have different ventilation requirements. Even if a roofer does install attic ventilation, it may not be the proper ventilation for your home.

Many roofers take a “more equals better” approach to attic ventilation. They stuff your attic with as much ventilation as humanly possible… which is a textbook recipe for disaster.

To achieve great performance, a roofer has to install the optimal ratio of intake ventilation and exhaust ventilation. Too much of one or the other can cause problems like ventilation “dead zones,” moisture buildup, and ice dams on your roof.

Our Deep Ventilation Analysis eliminates this from happening. It allows us to fine-tune your attic ventilation system to its “Goldilocks” zone. Not too much. Not too little. Just right.

Golden Pledge Warranty Or Bust

The Golden Pledge Warranty isn’t just GAF’s top warranty—it’s the roofing industry’s top warranty. Fifty years of non-prorated protection on materials and 25 years of non-prorated installation coverage equals pure protection for you, the homeowner.

Solid State - Roofing Installation - Warranty Comparison - GAF Golden Pledge - Thumbnail

GAF offers such amazing protection because of how rigid Golden Pledge installation standards are. To install a roof that qualifies for the Golden Pledge Warranty, a roofer has to use all GAF products and observe ultra-strict installation specifications.

Due to how exacting Golden Pledge standards are, not all Master Elite roofers in the Boston area offer the warranty. We not only offer the Golden Pledge Warranty… our standard procedure is to adhere to Golden Pledge standards on every single job.*

Sure, this takes a little more time and effort on our end. But the results are absolutely worth it. Not only do get the best roofing warranty, but the peace of mind that we installed your roof to the highest possible standards.

*On request, we do install GAF roofing that adheres to lesser warranties. In these instances, we make a customer sign a waiver stating they decline the Golden Pledge warranty. So while we don’t make Golden Pledge mandatory, we strongly (very strongly!) recommend it.

Re-Flashing Cheek Walls

Like your cheeks are the sides of your face, a cheek wall is the side wall of a structure.

Solid State - Roofing Installation Central MA - Cheek Wall Flashing

GAF requires Master Elite roofers to re-flash cheek walls when installing to Golden Pledge Warranty standards. If a cheek wall isn’t properly flashed (and 99% of them aren’t), water can seep under your roof. And though GAF’s Lifetime Roofing System is built to combat moisture, water under your shingles is never a good thing.

Roofing companies often neglect cheek-wall re-flashing because it requires carpentry work. Most don’t have carpenters on staff, so they either outsource the work to a third-party carpenter or (much more commonly) skip this step altogether.

Not us. We’re New England’s biggest family-owned exterior remodeler, so we’ve got people for every situation—including expert carpenters! We re-flash 100% of cheek walls 100% of the time. It’s non-negotiable, and it’s a great example of how no roofing detail is too complex for us to handle.

Mixing & Matching Roofing Styles

Since we’re experts in multiple types of roofing, we’re one of the few Boston-area roofers that can combine multiple materials on your property.

For example: If needed, we can reroof your home with beautiful GAF asphalt roofing, and then install metal roofing on your porch or portico.

Solid State Construction - Asphalt & Metal Roofing Installation In Central MA

Need asphalt and metal roofing? No problem!

That’s the beauty of choosing Solid State Construction for your roof replacement. We don’t just slap some shingles on your home and call it good. We actually assess your situation to determine the best possible solution for you.

Bottom Line: We Do Roof Installation In MetroWest Right

These are just a few examples of our “spare-zero-details” approach to Boston-area roofing installation. Though this page covers our installation techniques for asphalt roofing, we show the same care when installing metal roofing and rubber roofing. We’re dyed-in-the-wool remodeling nerds who wouldn’t do roofing any other way.

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