IdentityAnatomy Of A Remodeling “Sales Gangster”

June 11, 2020

Telltale Signs You’re Dealing With A Salesman Who Chooses
High-Pressure Solicitation Over Customer Education.

We talk a lot about “sales gangsters” and why to avoid them if you need exterior remodeling in Central MA. But what is a “sales gangster”? What does he look like? What, exactly, does he do that’s so objectionable?

We’ve created a diagram to show you. Take a look at the Anatomy Of A “Sales Gangster”:

Anatomy Of A Sales Gangster
Anatomy Of A “Sales Gangster”

At Solid State Construction, we have Project Consultants—the polar opposite of pushy “sales gangsters”. To show you the difference, here is the Anatomy Of A Solid State Project Consultant:

Anatomy Of A Solid State Project Consultant
Anatomy Of A Solid State Project Consultant

As you can see, the difference between remodeling “sales gangsters” and our Project Consultants is night and day. So if you’re looking for a pleasant, stress-free, educational remodeling quote in Central MA, get in touch today. We’d be honored to hear from you—and prove just how helpful our Project Consultants can be.

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