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July 26, 2022

Benefits Of Replacing Your Siding And
Roofing Together In Belmont, MA

Protect Your Home From Top To Bottom

While the investment can be significant for your Belmont home, did you know it’s best to get your siding replaced at the same time as your roof replacement? Each service offers a multitude of benefits but the combination of the two offers even more, not to mention you’ll have the best looking house on the street.

Instead of looking for a separate contractor for each service and going through two remodels, why not find one contractor who specializes in both services and knock out both projects at once? From saving time and money to extreme energy efficiency, you can’t go wrong with doubling up these remodels.

Costs And Savings

Roofing and siding replacement projects can cost several thousand dollars each. However, some contractors offer a discount for combining services, so you may be able to get both projects done at the same time for much less than you would if you contracted them separately.

Additionally, if you plan on being out of work for the project, you will miss less time when combining the two services, saving you even more money.

Some parts of the siding job require the removal or adjustment of your shingles. At the same time, some parts of your roofing job will require the removal of part of your siding. Combining the two projects will save on labor and materials.

Decreased Vulnerability

When you need new siding and a new roof, your home is vulnerable until those replacements are completed. Replacing one will only solve half the problem, leaving your home still partially at risk. Taking the plunge and completing both replacements at the same time will remove the vulnerability from your home and increase the physical protection that it has on the exterior.

Easier Planning

It will take less time to plan for the completion of both projects as you will only have to look for one contractor who is trained in both specialties. Additionally, both a roofing and siding replacement need to be inspected upon completion, so it’s easier to plan for one inspection than it is for two.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Replacing your siding or your roofing can increase your home’s energy efficiency; however, replacing them at the same time can exponentially increase it.

For example, installing a new asphalt roofing system can increase your energy efficiency by 30%, while new siding can increase it by 80%. Now, imagine if you installed both at the same time!

Beautiful Home

When you update your siding or your roofing, part of your home becomes fabulous while the other part remains drab. When you update them together, the entire structure becomes this beautiful new creation that will stand out in your neighborhood. If you’re looking to make a statement, you’ll want to do both projects at the same time.

Complete Repair After Bad Weather

When bad weather strikes and damages your home, more often than not, multiple areas are hit. Tree limbs will take off a chunk of your roof and scratch your home. Hail can knock off a bunch of shingles and put a hole in your vinyl siding.

If you don’t replace your siding and your roofing at the same time, you’re not dealing with the big picture. This can lead to further damage down the road. Additionally, with this option, your insurance is more than likely going to cover the cost of repairs, so be sure to check with them before you start calling contractors.

Ready To Replace Your Roofing And Your Siding?
Call The Belmont Company That Does It All

If you’re ready to tear off that old, decrepit roof and dingy siding to replace them with all new materials, then you need the best company that can do both a siding and roof replacement in Belmont, MA.

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