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February 14, 2022

Four Signs You Need To Invest In Roof Replacement For Your Central MA Home

Roofs in Central MA just don’t last forever, but a lot of homeowners don’t know when to invest in roof replacement.  Fortunately, Solid State Construction has been installing new roofs since 2006, and we have our inspection and installation process down to a science.

Here’s our list of 4 signs you need to invest in roof replacement.

Increased Energy Usage

By now pretty much everyone knows that windows and doors can play a major role in your home’s energy efficiency, but far fewer realize just how important roofing is to maintaining your home’s temperature.

Your roof is one of if not the largest surface on your home that’s exposed to the elements.

If your roof isn’t installed and sealed right, it could be allowing large amounts of cold air to seep into your home during the winter months.  This will drive your heating bills WAY up.  If your house seems excessively drafty, consider getting your roof inspected.

Leaks & Water Damage

This one might seem like a “well, duh” kind of symptom, but it does bear repeating that water damage in your ceiling is a MAJOR indicator of roof problems.  In fact, it’s a near certain sign of roof problems, unless you happen to have a leaky pipe in your ceiling.

That’s why this is one sign that you really CAN’T ignore.  A leaky roof can be one of the most damaging problems your home can have.  This is especially frustrating because more often than not the problem is fairly easy to fix.

If you are noticing water spots on your ceiling, much less actually dripping water, you should schedule a roof inspection with PROFESSIONAL roofers as soon as possible.

Mold, Sags, & Curling Shingles

Needless to say, a sagging roof is a pretty clear sign something is wrong.  If your roof is fully functional, it should NOT appear to sag, nor should the shingles curl.  Both of these symptoms are signs of pretty advanced damage.

It could be that you have a shifting foundation, but it could also be a matter of severe structural damage to your roof.  Both could even be occurring at the same time!

But before you panic, you should call skilled, knowledgeable roofers to come take a look.  The problem might not be as bad as you think.  If it is, it’s still a GREAT thing that you called.  Only by addressing the problem can you begin to fix it.

As for mold, it tends to coincide with water damage.  If your ceiling or roof is beginning to show mold spots, it is time to replace your roof.  You may also have to undergo mold removal or remediation, depending on the extent of the damage.

Continuous Repairs To Fix Existing Issues

Another sign you might need to invest in a new roof is the presence of continuous or extremely frequent problems.  If you have to invest in roof repair every year, something is wrong and you would probably be better off replacing your roof altogether.

Rather than invest in Band-Aid fixes that patch up the problem until next time, it’s better to get the root of the problem.  Once you’ve done that, FIX it, and THEN replace your roof.  This may seem like taking extra steps, but it’s truly the only way to solve the problem for good.

Solid State Construction Makes Roof Replacement Easy

We are roof installation experts.  Our technicians are THOROUGHLY trained.  Not only that, but we’ve even been recognized as a GAF Master Elite(™) Roofer.  This means that if anyone is going to install GAF Asphalt Roofing on your home, it should be US.

If you think you may want to invest in metal roofing, we also have you covered.  The True Nature Metal Roofing we install can provide every bit of charm and character as traditional shingles, while being able to withstand a WHOLE lot more.

Finally, all of our installers are PROFESSIONALS.  This is what they do, what they’ve been trained to do, and what they LOVE to do.

If you are in need of a new roof or roof inspection, please schedule a virtual consultation online or give us a call today.