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October 9, 2021

Log Home Siding: Pine vs. Cedar Siding In The Greater Boston Area

Home exteriors here in the Greater Boston area have their own distinct look. Maybe not every single house, but we’ve certainly got a unique way of doing things. Of course, like everyone else across the country, Bostonians care a great deal about the feel their homes give out as well.

Since you’re here, you care too.

You want your home to look great, to be stylish but not really out of the ordinary, and protected from the kinds of seasonal weather extremes we experience in our region.

This is why choosing the right exterior cladding is such an important decision.

When it comes to Wood Siding in Boston, most people eventually narrow their choices to what makes the most sense and what’s most popular.

Then they find themselves in the Pine vs. Cedar siding debate, juggling a variety of Pros & Cons we’ll briefly walk through in today’s article.

Here at Solid State Construction, we specialize in certain kinds of vinyl, James Hardie fiber cement, and cedar siding, but let’s look at Pine first.

Core Benefits Of Pine Siding

  • Pine happens to be one of the most warp-resistant woods you can get.
  • The overall costs of pine tend to be on the much lower end.
  • You get a decent natural look (as long as you do all the maintenance it requires).
  • Like other woods, it’s got fair durability and weather resistance.

With pine, you get a natural feel, and it’s a relatively easy wood to work with (although it must be thoroughly prepared beforehand), but there are some downsides. Maintenance can be extensive, for one, depending on the look you want. It’s also not as durable as cedar, and small mistakes with the knots can give it an uneven look.

Now, why is Cedar our go-to species for wood siding in the Greater Boston area we serve?

Because it looks fantastic and stands tall against the harsh New England elements!

Core Benefits Of Cedar Siding

  • Cedar is really beautiful; stunning when stained.
  • You get those striking grains with rich character.
  • It comes in a variety of styles, such as shake, shingle, clapboard, and bevel.  
  • Cedar naturally resists rot, swelling, and insects better than other woods.

Cedar is an amazing species, and our Siding Installation Process is impeccable, but there’s one kind of cedar you’ve got to look out for. It’s called ‘Finger-Jointed’ cedar siding.

What in the world is that?

It’s basically recycled cedar that’s too short to use on its own. Cedar trees aren’t particularly large or tall trees, so there’s plenty of leftovers. The problem is that as the wood naturally expands and contracts during our seasonal changes, joints separate.

This is why it’s considered ‘cheap cedar’ similar to really cheap pine siding.

We refuse to touch that kind.

Instead, we ONLY use high-quality (and yes, a bit more expensive) cedar for long-lasting value.

Do we ever use other species? Yep.

If the situation or the scope of your siding project calls for something special, we’ll make it happen. They tend to cost more, but with wood siding, it’s about finding a great blend of beauty and FUNCTIONALITY.

In Closing: The Pine vs. Cedar Siding Debate Is About Value

Would you like to know more about Pine vs. Cedar siding here in the Greater Boston area specifically? Curious, and have some questions about our approach to using cedar? Simply pick up your phone and Contact Solid State Construction.

Our friendly staff is happy to walk through the details with you. We can also get you scheduled for a free, no-obligation consultation so you can get our quote on what it will take to wrap your home in quality wood siding. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you.