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December 28, 2022

Things That Can Go Wrong When Replacing Your Own Boston Front Door

Installing Your Own Standard Or Custom Exterior Door Can Lead To Many Problems

Replacing your own front door in Boston, MA, might seem like a great idea at first – after all, you’ll save money and time. Plus, you’ll get to try out those new skills you learned on YouTube! However, you’ll see almost immediately that entry door installation is not nearly as simple as it looks.

Door replacement is far more complicated than unscrewing your old door from the hinges and placing a new door in its place. There are so many more details that the typical homeowner fails to acknowledge, leading to many unforeseen problems.

Upon realizing they’ve bitten off more than they can chew, many homeowners panic and call a professional door installation company to help and properly replace their door. Unfortunately, this hurdle leads to more time and money spent.

So what exactly are the problems that can arise? Let’s take a look at some of the most common issues we see in DIY door installation.

Improper Fitting

Though there are standard sizes for front doors, that doesn’t mean they’re all measured correctly and cut to perfection. Nor does it mean that a standard door will fit your opening. Not all brands’ standard sizes are compatible with each other, and sometimes the builder uses a non-standard size for a reason.

Homes settle over time, and with that comes shifts in your walls and door jambs. That’s why it’s vital to have professional measurements taken so you can custom-fit doors to perfection – ensuring maximum efficiency.

Wrong size doors can lead to several problems like lop-sided entry, water leaks, air drafts, security issues, broken door frames, and more. When you purchase a door from a big box store, you risk replacing your front door with a door that doesn’t quite fit. Save yourself the hassle and get a door that is measured precisely for your home.

Structural Compromise

Another major issue with replacing your door is potentially compromising the structural integrity of your home. If this happens, you’ll be in big trouble, which can lead to significant issues affecting your home.

Structural repairs often need to be made between removing your old door and installing the new one, as we often discover things like mold, moisture, and wood rot during the replacement process. If these things go left unrepaired, you risk the integrity of your home considerably.

We’re not saying this to scare you but to warn you of the possible effects door replacement damage can cause. Professionals will ensure the stability and strength of your door opening and frame before installing your new door.

Higher Energy Bills

If your entry doors are installed incorrectly, your energy bills may rise. This could be due to several reasons, such as an improperly measured door, inadequate sealing, or even inappropriate door material for your climate.

A professional door replacement company will ensure that you have the correct door type for your home’s location and that it is sealed properly, preventing any outside elements from seeping into your home. When doors are installed incorrectly or are poorly insulated around the frame, it’s easy for outdoor air to drift in, affecting the temperature of your home.

Plus, the air inside will effortlessly seep out, causing your attempt at interior climate control to go out the door, literally. Whether a small leak or big, you’ll see a definite change in your heating and cooling bills.

Compromised Security

When you replace your own door, you’re taking your family’s security into your hands. Many home break-ins start at the front door. When installed incorrectly, entry doors become vulnerable to kick-ins and easy access.

Reliable security really begins at your door’s frame. Many professional door installers use innovative door security techniques, such as metal locks that go through the frame and into the wall of your home, making kick-ins virtually impossible.

Even standard door locks are easy to break through if installed incorrectly. Avoid this risk with a professional door replacement company.

Water Leaks

Water leaks are common occurrences from doors replaced improperly. It doesn’t take much to allow rain and outside water into your home. You may have even noticed leaks under your door in the past after a heavy rainstorm.

When doors are correctly sealed or installed to perfection, they prevent water from penetrating your home, no matter how hard it’s raining. Your door’s threshold, sealing, and sizing have much to do with keeping the inside of your home nice and dry.

Use A Trusted Boston Window And Door Company To Avoid The Common Issues Of Self-Replacing

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