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January 11, 2021

Asphalt roofs are a popular option for central Massachusetts and Boston homes, and for good reason. However, there is no one-roof-fits-all, and an asphalt roof might not be the best choice for every homeowner. Your satisfaction with your asphalt roof might also depend on the quality of the roof, based on the manufacturer. Should you go with an asphalt roof for your central Massachusetts home? Let’s break down some of the pros and cons:

Pro: Affordable

The longest and most frequently cited advantage of asphalt roofs is that they are affordable. Even well-made asphalt roofs from reputable companies like GAF Roofing are more affordable than competing materials of similar quality. This makes asphalt shingle roofs a great option if you’re working on a budget, and you may even be able to apply for financing.

Cons: Shingle Damage

Asphalt shingles can become damaged over time, and can crack, chip, curl, or break off. They are light materials and can be susceptible to wind, which can lead to more repairs over time. High quality asphalt roofs can combat this somewhat. For instance, GAF asphalt roofs are reinforced with fiberglass lamination so as to be more durable, as well as giving attention to the entire roofing system for better support. So it might be worth it to pay more for a higher quality asphalt roof.

Pro: Easy to Install and Repair

Because asphalt roofs are so light, however, they’re also remarkably easy to install. This will save you some money when it comes to the cost of the installation itself. It also means that they’re easy to repair. Often it’s a matter of simply replacing a damaged shingle or two. 

Cons: Should Not Install During Winter

Boston winters can be quite frigid, and it’s best not to have asphalt roofs installed during the coldest parts of winter. The freezing temperatures can make them brittle and easier to break during the installation itself. Again, it can help to have a higher quality shingle, reinforced with fiberglass.

Pros: Resistances

Fiberglass-reinforced asphalt roofs hold up well against fire, able to keep from being set ablaze from sparks. Asphalt roofs also hold up well against algae, which can affect roofs like wood shakes or concrete tiles. This will cut down on your need for repairs and ensure that your roof lasts a bit longer.

Cons: Lifespan

While asphalt roofs are easy to install, affordable, and low maintenance, they aren’t made to last forever. Most asphalt roofs last about 25 years. GAF asphalt roofing goes above and beyond, with a typical lifespan of 50 years, comparable to competing materials and backed by the GAF Golden Pledge.

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