IdentityRemodeling & Coronavirus In Central MA: What Should You Do?

June 5, 2020

You May Feel Apprehensive About Having A Contractor In Your Home At This Time.

But We’re Using Innovative Technology & Processes To Minimize Risk & Keep You Safe.


If you’ve considered remodeling your Central MA home recently, you probably think coronavirus (COVID-19) has spoiled your plans.

Not necessarily!

While you may be apprehensive about inviting a remodeler to your home for an estimate right now, the good news is you don’t have to. We can provide you with a consultation, proposal, and price—without stepping in your home—via a virtual presentation.

Here is how they work:

  1. Get in touch with us just like normal. We’ll pencil you in for a virtual presentation at a time that works for you.
  2. Prior to the presentation, we’ll stop by to take photos of your home’s exterior. We will NOT come inside your home for this. (You don’t even need to pop your head out and say hello!)
  3. We’ll email you an invite to an online meeting with a Project Consultant. During the presentation, we can use screen-sharing technology to do a virtual walkthrough of your home using the pictures we took. We’ll also ask you some questions, answer your questions, and show you samples of our work.
  4. After the meeting, we’ll use the info we received from you in step #3 to put together a proposal. We’ll then schedule a second virtual meeting with you. During this meeting, we’ll review your proposal, pricing options, and even a 3D rendering of your home with our products.
  5. If you’d like to move forward, we’ll email a digital contract to you to get the ball rolling. And if you want time to think things over, that’s no problem. We’ll be here.
We make it possible to get a remodeling quote…without getting off your couch.
We make it possible to get a remodeling quote…without getting off your couch.

Our virtual presentations really make things that simple. Plus, you can save big money with the current special we’re running: Get a full siding or roofing project, and receive 10% off!*

Regarding The Installation Process

Unfortunately, we can’t virtually install your project. So we’ve created numerous precautionary measures when we work on your home. This includes…

  • Zero handshaking.
  • Installers regularly sanitize and wash hands (we’ll use your spigot instead of coming in your home).
  • Minimizing time inside your home. If possible, we won’t take one step indoors. We’ll even set up a Porta-John outside so we don’t have to use your bathroom.
  • Maintaining the appropriate space between our installers and your family.

We understand that some remodeling projects just can’t wait. That leaky roof won’t replace itself. Neither will rundown siding. That’s why we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure a sanitary, safe work environment for you, your family, and our installation crew.

Coronavirus may be upending a lot of things right now… but your exterior remodel in Central MA doesn’t have to be one of them. Contact us today to schedule a free virtual presentation. It’s convenient. It’s easy. And, honestly, it’s fun!

*Restrictions may apply. Contact us for details.