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February 7, 2022

What You NEED To Know Before Building Your New Deck In Central MA.

We’ve Built More Than Our Share Of Decks In Massachusetts. 

Here Are A Few Things We’ve Learned That Will Make Your Construction Project SO Much Easier.

Few exterior construction projects can improve your quality of life the way a new deck can.  Any exterior project can be a chance to beautify your Central MA home, but decks offer so much more than that.

Decks are the site of true enjoyment.  Whether that means reading with a hot cup of Earl Grey, sipping margaritas and blaring your favorite bad music, or having a cook-out with your family, decks can add SO much to your yard.

That being said, you need to be selective about who you hire to build it.  While it may seem like a simple construction project, deck construction is not as easy as it looks, and bad contractors will mess it up as badly as they do any other project.

So, you may be wondering, who builds decks in my area who ACTUALLY know what they’re doing?

We do, is the short answer.  Solid State Construction has built some of the nicest, sturdiest, and most well put-together decks in Massachusetts.  Our experience doing so has taught us a few things, which we would like to impart to you.

Factors To Consider Before Building Your New Deck

As with anything else, it’s better to do your research before diving into building your new deck in Central MA.  Here are the five main factors we urge you to consider before undergoing your new construction project.

Function & Purpose

What do you want out of your new deck?

Do you want a big wraparound for large gatherings?  Do you want something a little smaller, more like a front porch?

Considering what you would like to do with your new deck and what purpose it will serve is critical to getting what you want.  Our decks come in a WIDE variety of styles, and we do offer custom design options.


New decks can vary dramatically in price, so you need to figure out what your budget and goals are, before you do ANYTHING.  Knowing the function of your deck is the first step of course.  Generally speaking, the bigger and more complex the design, the more it will cost to build.

Where is your new deck going to go?

Are you looking for access to the backyard?  Will the deck be lifted and given a stairway down to the backyard, or will it open directly to it?

Determining where on your property your deck will go can affect the design, budget, and ultimately the functionality of your deck.  Building codes and other restrictions can also differ, depending on the location of your deck.


Style is largely a matter of taste, but there are some general rules MOST homeowners follow.  If your home is particularly modern, you may want to go with a modern-looking deck.  Similarly, if your home has a more rustic look, you might want to keep that consistent when you build your deck.

Other than that, it’s purely a matter of preference.  It’s YOUR deck.  Design it however you want.  Our top-notch design team and installers will make it happen for you.


Solid State Construction specializes in premium composite and wood decks.  We work with companies like TimberTech AZEK, a leading provider of the best composite decking materials in the world.

Composite decks, such as those from TimberTech AZEK offer pretty much all of the benefits of genuine wood decks, without as much maintenance and hassle.

Wood decks need to be re-sealed annually, and they are more likely to splinter or even rot if not taken care of.  That being said, we do offer genuine wood options that are FAR less likely to encounter these problems.

So, Which Is The Best Material For Central Massachusetts?

“Which is the best?” is somewhat subjective.

That being said, we do have recommendations based on what we know can withstand the harsh New England winters and extreme temperature changes.

Our TimberTech AZEK composite decks hold up really well over the years, but we also LOVE our pressure-treated wood decks.  Pressure-treated wood is usually composed of Southern Pine treated with preservatives to prevent it from deteriorating.  In fact, not only do WE love them, but apparently Massachusetts homeowners do too.  After all, it’s the single most popular decking material in Central MA.

It makes sense to us.  Pressure-treated wood is inexpensive, long-lasting, and durable.  Plus, it looks fantastic.

Give Solid State A Call Today

If you are considering adding a beautiful new deck onto your Boston-area home, give us a call or schedule a virtual consultation with Solid State today.  We are true professionals when it comes to deck installation in Central MA.