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October 11, 2022

How To Choose The Right Entry Door Style
For Your Boston, MA Home

Use These Helpful Tips To Make Your Door Style
Decision A Little Bit Easier

Choosing the right entry door for your Boston, MA, home can be difficult. There seem to be endless styles to choose from online, in-store, and in catalogs. Homeowners can quickly become overwhelmed when faced with thousands of options and possibilities.

How are you supposed to know what style works for your specific home? After all, not every type will work for everybody because, as we know, the Boston area is home to many different architectural styles.

Whether you have a craftsman, contemporary, or traditional New England home, we’re here to help you figure out what entry door works best for you. Here are some helpful tips when making this big decision.

Materials Make A Big Difference

Knowing the proper material for your entry door is vital in choosing a style. Though the material may not seem to have much to do with style, it does. With the harsh New England winters, the suitable door material can make or break your door’s functionality.

There’s no point in having a stylish door if it’s made of the wrong material. Exposure to the elements can cause the wrong kind of door to deteriorate and break down faster, leading you to spend more money on replacements.

Fiberglass, steel, and wood doors are optimal for New England weather, ensuring longevity and consistent beauty. These materials are built to withstand the harshest winds, snows, rains, and frosts, giving you peace of mind.

Coordinate With Your Home’s Architecture

Choosing an entry door that compliments the rest of your home’s architecture is always best. For instance, an industrial-style door will look awkward and out of place if you have a craftsman-style home.

The right entry doors not only blend with the rest of your home’s exterior but add to the overall curb appeal. Choose a style that enhances the rest of the house, drawing attention to the door itself. The right door will look natural and stunning at the same time.

When you shop with a professional, you should be able to realistically visualize your home’s front exterior through their useful technology. Many modern computer programs even allow customers to virtually swap doors until they find the perfect one!

Excellent Quality Now Comes With Great Style

Many entry door manufacturers have finally learned to incorporate style with excellent quality, ensuring customers get the best of both worlds. Door manufacturing companies like ProVia, combine these two essential factors, giving their customers the whole package.

There’s no need to sacrifice beauty for practicality anymore when it comes to doors. Look for doors with thick, durable materials, as these will give you the best quality. Excellent quality doors also provide maximum energy efficiency, giving you some relief in your utility bills.

When considering quality and energy efficiency, it’s easy to weed out the entry doors you don’t want. Superior quality is worth the little extra money, as you’ll save more in the long run. Plus, thick and well-insulated doors are better for the environment and keep your home draft free.

Consider Different Color Options

Many homeowners resort to the muted and natural colors they’re used to when choosing front doors. Though these may work with some homes, they may fade into the background in others.

Trying something different can be fun and bring a fresh new look to your whole home. You don’t need to redo your siding or paint your exterior to revitalize your home. Choosing a unique door style and color can quickly pump new life into your living environment.

Fortunately, along with improved quality, many door manufacturers now offer various color options. Homeowners can choose from multiple pallets and tones, finding the perfect color to make their whole exterior pop.

Work With Entry Door Professionals

When choosing entry doors, it’s easy to believe it’ll be an easy decision. However, once you see the many styles and options available, you might rethink this. Finding a professional who knows doors and has experience in what works and what doesn’t is the first step in ensuring you get the right door for your home.

Professional door companies can sort through your options with you without trying to exert too much influence. The right company understands this is your door and something you’ll look at every day, not them. Plus, they’ll be able to customize your door just for you, adding the accessories you want, like specific windows and handles.

Many professional companies offer design consultation, too, allowing you to easily see what doors are available and how they’ll look with your home. They should also be able to guide you if the decision gets too tricky, laying out the pros and cons of all your options.

Our Boston, MA Company Can Make Your Decision
Easier When Choosing The Right Entry Door

Since 2006, Solid State Construction has assisted our Boston, MA, customers in their entry-door style decisions. We know there’s a lot to consider, but we’re here to help you through the process.

Through our sixteen years of experience, we’ve become experts on door styles, always giving our customers the most satisfactory results. We keep all the variables in mind, even the ones our customers may forget, because we want you to have the best.

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