IdentityReplacement WindowsWhy ‘Buy 1, Get 1 Free’ Window Sales In Central MA Are Bogus

December 28, 2020

It’s A Great Deal, All Right…

If You’re The Window Company!

Have you spent any time browsing and perusing the replacement window ads in the Central MA area recently? If so, no doubt you’ve seen these:

“Buy X Windows of Cosmic Quality, Get X… Absolutely FREE!”

Whatever the combination or variation, no matter how many you need to buy to get those pie-in-the-sky free windows, it’s a sham.

Totally bogus.

Here’s why.

In Business Terms: This Requires ‘Predatory’ Inflation

There are only two ways for a window company to give away so much product for free and keep their lights on, while also paying for important things like manufacturing machinery and employees:

  1. Offering pennies-on-the-dollar cheap windows. This doesn’t really work in Central MA. The local market forces them to instead go with the next option…
  2. Dramatically inflating the prices of the windows you buy, so these supposed ‘free windows’ don’t obliterate their profit margins.

No business can exist for long without a profit margin.

In reality, there is no deal.

Windows Are One-Hit-Wonder Purchases

In your lifetime as a consumer, you’re probably going to buy food thousands of times.

How about clothing, how many times will you purchase socks and t-shirts in your life? For these kinds of businesses, it doesn’t matter if their ‘loss leader’ sales on ice cream or those designer shirts lose money because you’re still going to buy their bread, water, protein, socks, underwear, pants, etc.

Now, how many times do you think the average person invests in high-quality Replacement Windows in their lifetime?

On average, once. And for window companies, they KNOW that even if you do need to purchase another set for another home or under some other circumstance 20 years from now, it’s unlikely to be from them.

These ‘Buy X Windows, Get X Free’ shams aren’t even about securing repeat business.

Their goal is really to get a salesperson into your living room, who may or may not be a window professional, that can miraculously discover the free windows they offer simply won’t do for your home…or lay an eye-opener sticker price on you.

Shocked yet?

An Example of How The Sham Works

Let’s imagine that you have two companies to choose from — Company A and Company B.

  • Both Companies sell the same exact windows – but B is running the ‘Special’
  • Logically, you call B to investigate this astounding financial opportunity.
  • During your ‘Free Consultation’ when all the talk is done you do the math.
  • Company B’s windows come with a whopping $1,700 price tag!
  • This brings the total per window for your home, including the free windows, to $850 a pop.
  • Meanwhile, Company A would only cost you $700 for the same windows.

In the long run, Company A is by far the better deal for YOU. You could get 10 windows purchased for $7,000 from them, or 5 windows purchased for $8,500 from Company B.

See how the ‘deal’ with B isn’t a deal at ALL unless you’re the window company?


greedy window salesman making money from buy 1 get 1 window sale scams


Big Takeaway: Ignore Them, They Aren’t Beneficial… For You

Now you can see the simple truth of it, window companies cannot give away free products. If they are, it means they’re FORCED to inflate prices to the point where they still see growth.

Don’t waste your time on the shams or “Company B’s” of this world. Call Solid State Construction or use our simple form to Contact Us today.

Get the best deal on amazing replacement windows… with no surprises, no predatory pricing, and no nonsense. Guaranteed.

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