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January 15, 2022

Looking to update those outdated and dilapidated windows?

Why wouldn’t you!

In this day and age, new design trends are creeping into the everyday household, many of which are sure to be seen throughout residential homes in Central Massachusetts and well beyond our borders.

New windows on a family home are similar to upgrading the rims on your beloved hotrod; it changes everything. They bring life and character back into an otherwise rigid environment while adding security and improved insulation.

Nowadays, windows are more than just a resource for allowing natural light to enter a living space. They can pull an entire room together while highlighting the sought-after mood curated from the accompanying decor. We are going to break down the most popular window design trends along with a few benefits of each style.

Overall ‘Looks’ Enhancement


While double-hung windows reign supreme as one of the most popular window styles in America, sometimes the home calls for something new, and the time comes to call the window replacement company. Depending on the style of your home, there are many options to consider that can completely change the way you feel about a particular room or living space.

One of the easiest ways to spruce up original windows without having to cut larger sections out of your walls is by alternating the stile and frame color or pattern, or maybe even both!

  • Dark-colored window frames are perfect for lighter color schemed rooms by adding a touch of sleek elegance while providing definite focal points that break up the room and bring attention to the outside world.
  • Mixed finishes blend well with most settings without being overbearing by having the color of the sash and stiles painted a darker color than the original wall color and having the rest of the framework painted to match the original wall color.
  • Contour grid patterns with beveled edges on all sides increase depth perception when compared to the classic plastic grid pattern, a trend that is quickly coming back into style.
  • For those of us who prefer vinyl windows, upgrading to beaded millwork brings back fond memories of simpler times while adding additional depth.
  • If double-hung windows are no longer your preferred style, casement windows are becoming increasingly popular. Casement windows are opened with a crank rather than sliding open with a single pane of stationary glass.

More is More!

Another popular trend for window replacement companies is for more glass, less prominent frames, and sash. Large paned windows, such as floor-to-ceiling or acoustic windows, can add substantial lighting to dark rooms while opening up the space for a more lively atmosphere.

These styles of windows can be installed in the corner of your breakfast nook, throughout the family space, intermittent parts of the kitchen; the possibilities are endless! Soak up the beauty around you with a panoramic experience from the comfort of your own couch.

Most large paned windows are casement style to allow airflow when opened yet still provide an airtight seal against strong winds or cold nights when battened down.

Installation? No Problem!

Once the final decision has been made on the windows in your new or existing home, it all comes down to the installation. Whether you choose vinyl, wood, or fiberglass windows, Solid State Construction can do it all!

Whether your home requires a full-frame or insert installation, it’s no problem for our experienced crew members. We assess each home with extreme attention to detail to diagnose the best window replacement service based on the structural integrity of the entire home as a whole.

Many up-and-coming window design trends take inspiration from previous popular window styles which allows ample time for the installation techniques to become fine-tuned and achieve the best possible outcome.

Make It Easy; Give Us A Call

If you live in Greater Boston or surrounding areas and are thinking about revamping your home windows, reach out to our specialists via email or phone to get more information on your big project. Assessments are done as quickly and as efficiently as possible to give you the most accurate time and price estimate; we know planning is important.

In our line of work, quality is everything. Why waste time reading countless product reviews on the internet when you should be able to trust just one source to provide materials of the highest quality? We only use brands WE trust, and to make that shortlist is no small feat.

The “measure twice, cut once” phrase applies to many aspects of home renovations, and when it comes to windows displayed throughout the entire home, you never want to skip out on measuring twice part.