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Solid State Construction: Acton, MA Deck Building Services

We Can Build The Wood Or Composite Deck Of Your Dreams!

Solid State Construction (SSC) delivers amazing decks for homeowners in Acton, MA. From our team members to the superior brands we rely on for materials, we can bring your dream deck to life. 

We’re passionate about this form of exterior-remodeling art. On this page, you can learn more about our deck building services and what’s possible with our team in your corner.

SSC focuses and specializes in both composite and wood decking — thus you’ve got enormous room for creativity, expression, and practicalities. Composite decks (a combination of wood fibers and recycled plastic material) are great because you get the look of wood without the short, medium, and long-term maintenance requirements. 

Composite Decking In Acton

  • Don’t be intimidated by the wide range of colors, styles, variegation options (realistic browns, weathered grays, blended exotic-looking variations, etc.), and woodgrain patterns to choose from. Your project consultant will help guide you through the process. 
  • You won’t need to worry about rotting, big ugly holes opening in the wood, splintering, cracking or warping! Together with our specialized coatings, the durability and resistance against scratching, abrasions, and fading are tremendous. 
  • We can offer cutting-edge and modernized lines as well like Vintage, Arbor, Harvest, and more. These make the choosing or design process exceedingly quick and easy so our installation wizards can get straight to work. 

Wood Decking In Acton

For those who prefer the authentic glamour and benefits of real wood decking, SSC has core options to choose from – each which provides a number of highly-sought-after benefits. 

  • Cedar Decking: Honey-colored to light brown. Cedar is known for its beauty and durability in decking and housing applications. First and foremost, this is because cedar is naturally resistant to rot, decay and critters who can tear through other woods in record time — meaning lower maintenance with a gorgeous finish. Another big upside is cedar’s ability to hold stains, bleaches, colors, and translucent finishes. 
  • Mahogany Decking: A lighter yellow to dark red range of colors. Mahogany is arguably one of the most well-suited wood species for New England — very popular in and around the Boston area especially. 

Trust Your ‘Better Than Code’ Deck Design & Installation to SSC

At SSC, we consider ‘up to code’ to be the bare minimum. We go far beyond industry standards and Massachusetts construction laws, without question, with every deck our teams install. Here are a few ways we build amazing decks for Acton homeowners…

  • Superior Footings: This is the foundation of your deck. We ensure they’re properly set, deep enough to avoid our MA frost line and the freeze-thaw cycle which can lead to settlement and shifting/sinking. We also use fittings which are large enough to hold up over time. Finally, we’ll likely include footing attachments (J-bolts) for absolutely secure holds. 
  • Better Deck Posts: When it comes to your deck’s posts, bigger and bolder DOES mean better. We don’t cut corners. We don’t take shortcuts to make our margins better. Your deck will get posts that go above and beyond the minimum standards of safety for the legs of your deck.  
  • Above Average Practices: From top to bottom, SSC goes far beyond the line of duty in each process that builds our company – sales, choosing manufacturers, ongoing education, planning & design, installation, and post-project wrap ups. 

Get A Quote On Deck Building In Acton, MA

Contact us to schedule a free, zero-obligation consultation with one of our expert Project Consultants. Their job is to provide you with all the facts, figures, and details you need to choose your ideal decking solution for your Acton home. We would be honored to hear from you.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

I hired Solid State Construction to replace 15 windows in late February. Very clean and efficient. I was impressed by the care they took to make sure any and all debris was removed before they left the second day. Very satisfied with their work. I would hire them again.

Colleen P.