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Acton, MA Window & Door Installation

A Premium Selection of Fiberglass, Wood, Vinyl Windows & Doors.

Homeowners in Acton, MA, turn to Solid State Construction (SSC) for premium window and door installation. We specialize in BOTH insert replacements as well as more involved full-frame projects for picture-perfect results at affordable prices. 

The Acton Area’s Best Selection of Windows & Doors

To say SSC consistently studies and researches every top-quality window and door brand would be a huge understatement. We relentlessly perfect our ability to pinpoint the ideal windows and doors for the properties we improve. And it’s not just about pricing and looking good in the space, but breaking new ground for customer-enhancing innovation. Regardless of the category, you’ll find SSC offers a wide and versatile selection. 

Fiberglass, Wood & Vinyl Windows

We’ve worked with just about every replacement window on the market today. As a result, your project consultant will be able to tell you EXACTLY which brands are high-quality and which are best to steer clear of. Like any other industry, the 80/20 Rule plays out — 80% of the best windows and doors come from 20% of the manufacturers out there.

Thanks to specialty experience, our installers see past the fancy marketing and sales and know where the deficiencies lie. We focus on three types of windows… 

  • Fiberglass Windows: Now we’re talking modern energy efficiency, far more strength than vinyl and more durability than vinyl-wood composites with bold looks. Tons of benefits and tons of specifics like coastal/hurricane certifications and much more. 
  • Wood Windows: High-quality wood windows must be built to last. We believe they should be built with specific premium woods or wood composites, and installed to perfection for decades of easy performance that both human and business owners of all kinds can appreciate. 
  • Vinyl Windows: Frankly, cheap, low-quality vinyl windows are so common it’s ridiculous. But there are also superior-quality brands that take the material to an entirely new level — almost zero maintenance, energy efficient, maximum durability, and great looks. Those are the vinyl windows we install in Acton.

What really matters is a) picking the perfect windows and materials for your space and budget, and b) working with our award-winning installation teams. We operate on the idea that “Your windows are only as good as the company installing them!” 

With SSC, you know you’re getting experienced, prepared and professional service. 

Entry & Patio Doors

Residential doors of all kinds, as well as more commercial doors; custom and replacement, we’ve got them all and the talent to execute pristine world-class installations without fail. Like you, we understand a door is much more than a pleasant-looking entry and exit way — it’s a part of your security system and should be extremely durable while improving energy efficiency.

Your project consultant will help you sort through the options and understand the absolute best choices to suit your needs, budget, and long-term goals in relation to decoration.

  • Fiberglass, vinyl and wooden doors from the most respected names in the industry. 
  • Huge array of different options, benefits, and features to optimize and enjoy. 
  • Patio with virtually unlimited styling options.

Superior Insert & Full-Frame Installations

Solid State Construction is one of the rare remodeling companies that specialize in both Insert AND Full-Frame installations (nearly all of our competition only does Insert). Why? Because who wants to invest in the best windows and doors and then have them installed by amateurs?

Poor installation demolishes benefits! 

Which installation method is best for your home comes down to the state of your window and door frames. If they’re in great shape and will work exceptionally well with your new products, then Insert may be best. However, if the frames are worse for the wear, our technicians will recommend a Full-Frame installation.

  • Insert Installations: This is where new windows and doors are installed in the existing frame, leaving the trim intact, which means a speedy install that costs less. 
  • Full-Frame Installations: This requires us to remove the existing frame and trim, strip the cavity and potentially restore it. From here you get new flashing, sill pan and nailing flange, new casings stool, aprons, etc. All the best products and materials for a completely new and fantastic window/door installation. 

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What Our Customers Are Saying…

I hired Solid State Construction to replace 15 windows in late February. Very clean and efficient. I was impressed by the care they took to make sure any and all debris was removed before they left the second day. Very satisfied with their work. I would hire them again.

Colleen P.