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Professional Andover, MA Window & Door Installation

An Excellent Selection & No-Compromise Workmanship.

Welcome to Solid State Construction (SSC) – the leading authority on window and door installation in Andover, MA. When you choose us, you get the best selection of windows and doors on the market… and the expert guidance you need to choose the right ones.

The Best Collection Of Windows In Andover, MA

Our Project Consultants understand the large and small differences between the industry-leading brands and their competition; the weaknesses and strengths of each manufacturer and their supply chains. We’re one of the Boston area’s largest exterior remodelers, with a reputation for rigid quality control measures. 

Here is a look at some of the windows we can install on your home…

  • Fiberglass Windows: We focus on Marvin Elevate™ fiberglass windows because they’re the total package of bold looks, strength, and durability. They sport the lowest expansion-contraction rates out there with cutting-edge components. Not to mention superior energy efficiency. It’s hard to beat this brand when it comes to getting the absolute most for your money in terms of performance and ROI. 
  • Wood Windows: Wood windows almost always LOOK great, but looks are skin deep. Where Marvin’s high-quality (exterior-cladding tech added), wood windows stand apart is in terms of precision-crafting and long-haul performance; built to last and for the best energy efficiency wooden windows deliver. 
  • Vinyl Windows: When designed and installed well, vinyl windows do have a number of benefits — their own levels of durability, great styles and aesthetics, almost zero maintenance requirements, and decent energy efficiency for their category. Where SSC differs is that we don’t do the cheap and easy vinyl windows, but high-quality and high-performance. 

Superior Door Selection For Andover

Whether you’re calling in our specialist teams to help with entry doors, replacements for old doors and their frames, or patio doors, SSC has access to the best and our installation procedures leave you wanting for NOTHING. 

We’re the ‘do it once, do it right’ kind of contractor you can appreciate. 

  • Entry Doors: Fiberglass, steel, and wood options from industry-leading brands like Marvin and ProVia. They’re both known for the strength, the luxurious styles and looks of their doors, and modernized energy-efficient designs. Meant to look AMAZING and lower energy costs, while providing an extra layer of security. 
  • Patio Doors: Select from superior patio doors — sliding glass, French-style, wooden or fiberglass options with guaranteed durability, efficiency, and hard-to-beat looks. 

Trust Your Andover Window & Door Installation To SSC

Rest assured, SSC considers ourselves relentlessly reliable, exacting, uncompromising in quality, and unflinchingly professional at BOTH Insert (replacement) and Full-Frame installations. 

  • Insert Installations: If our technicians determine the already existing frame and trim of your window or door frame is in good condition and will work well with your replacements, insert Installations are lower cost and quick. 
  • Full-Frame Installations: In situations where the frame and trim are too damaged or will not fit your new window and door specifications, they will be removed and completely redone. A bit more costly and time consuming, but well worth it for your long-term ROI and peace of mind. 

Schedule Your Free Window & Door Quote In Andover

The first step in any serious window or door project is to allow specialists to visit the property, make professional assessments and inspections, gather the facts and provide you with a breakdown of your best options, the pros and cons, and a cost-benefit analysis. 

So contact us today. We have expert Project Consultants on standby waiting to help you. Contact us to schedule a free, zero-obligation consultation. We would be honored to hear from you.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

This was a very large and multi-faceted job and, in the end, turned out very well. The products used were high quality and the installation was done with great expertise.

Doris N.
North Andover, MA