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Solid State Construction: Arlington, MA Roof Replacement

We’re GAF Master Elite Roofers That Can Install Asphalt, Metal & Rubber Roofing.

From humble beginnings to the largest independent roofer around the Boston area, Solid State Construction (SSC) is proud to focus on the highest-tier GAF roofing systems, as well as metal and rubber roofing in Arlington. 

Benefits Of GAF Asphalt Roofing In Arlington

Your roof is a system — a collection of intertwining and interworking parts fixed together to provide long-term shelter from the elements, structural stability, and security.

As such, your roof impacts every other system in your home or business. This is why GAF ‘systems’ are so high performance, because they’re specifically designed systems rather than just some contractors doing their own thing or winging it to bottom-line coding standards. 

  • Extra Leak Protection & Moisture Management: Other than a hefty tree branch falling through the roof or insanely heavy wind ripping it off, leaking is the #1 worst enemy of all roofing systems. It’s absolutely imperative your system has proper leak protection. GAF StormGuard® works wonders with fiberglass reinforcement and leak barriers. 
  • Additional Roof Deck Protection: Consider this a second (or third) line of defense, with a UV-stabilized polypropylene underlayment that breathes to remove twice as much moisture. 
  • High-Quality Shingle Systems: Rather than the conventional three-tab shingles, many roofing contractors use to cushion their pockets, we stick with cutting-edge Dura Grip™ and architectural shingles for ultra-high adhesion and Advanced Protection®. 
  • Addressing Attic Ventilation: We don’t cut corners. We don’t take shortcuts. We don’t waste your time. To perform a proper roof replacement, an inspection is necessary to match roofing and ventilation systems. 
  • Roofing Peace of Mind Coverage: How did we achieve Master Elite Distinction and how do we maintain it? Simply put — a 99% customer satisfaction rate, financial stability, strict product selection, and adhering to our FAR BEYOND bottom line approach. We don’t just install roofing up to code, we go far beyond it. 

Premium-Quality Metal & Rubber Roofing For Arlington

Of course, not every property owner in Massachusetts, let alone the Arlington area, prefers a GAF-quality asphalt roofing system. For these folks, we offer two other roofing options which are metal and vinyl. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Metal Roofing Benefits: With metal, there are a lot of benefits — permanent, great aesthetics, high curb appeal with over 20 different styles, energy efficient, and also sporting a relatively high ROI. While quality metal comes with a slightly higher sticker price, you definitely get huge bang for your roofing buck. We’ll make sure it’s coated properly against rust and other wear are tear issues. 
  • Rubber Roofing Benefits: Rubber roofing systems are designed for low-sloped and flat roofs, most often on commercial buildings. Along with being ultra-low in maintenance requirements and extremely tough, they’re easy to repair, last around a half-century or more, and the chance of leaking is almost too small to mention because there are so few seams. 

If you aren’t really sure what kind of roofing system you need in the Arlington, MA area, or you’re just feeling generally unsure with the subject, schedule a free no-obligation consultation with an SSC roofing specialist. 

You’ll be glad you did!

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