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The windows of your Attleboro home are there for more than just the appearance. True, the natural sunlight they allow into your home is beautiful and invaluable, and they can boost your curb appeal. But have you considered the impact your windows have on your energy efficiency? On your home security? Like your doors, windows can serve as an opening for your home, letting in fresh air, letting out smells from the kitchen. So you want your windows to be given the same quality installation and security treatment as your doors. Luckily, Solid State Construction tackles both in Attleboro, MA, with the same excellent quality.

Precision Matters When It Comes To Your Windows and Doors

The last thing you want when having new or replacement windows installed on your Attleboro home is a haphazard job that saves effort for your remodeling contractors. Windows — even when well made — are still glass and can be delicate. If they’re not properly fitted to the space, cracks are sure to occur. If they’re not properly sealed, you’re likely to experience heat loss in the cold Attleboro winters. Frames have to be carefully installed and protected to keep from warping or wearing down, and your contractor should know the best type of window frames for your climate.

The same level of attentiveness should be applied to your door installations. The door should fit the frame perfectly, or it might damage the door frame, allow pests into your home, or even become a security issue. Hinges have to be just right for the door to operate properly and, again, the right materials should be used for your climate. Because of these high standards for precision, you need more than just a contractor who handles windows and doors but a contractor who truly knows what they’re doing and is committed to quality.

Solid State Construction Offers a Variety of Options But the Same Great Quality

At Solid State Construction, the first thing you’ll notice about our window and door services is that we offer a number of options so you can find the perfect choice for your home, not just the product we want most to sell. This includes a wide range of materials, including:

  • Fiberglass windows
  • Wood windows
  • Vinyl windows
  • Steel doors
  • Fiberglass doors
  • Patio doors and front entry doors

What is consistent, however, is our high standards of quality on every window and door installation. Every person on our installation crew is highly trained and certified when it comes to window and door installations, and they’ve seen it all. We even hand-pick a project consultant based on your specific project to make sure we do the job right. We treat every window and door installation like a surgery. If it’s not done with exact precision, the results could be disastrous, so we perform it with exact precision. Check out our window and door gallery to see for yourself. 

Our 6 P’s of Customer Service in Attleboro, MA

We hold ourselves to high standards first, so our customers can expect those high standards in all of our work. We do so by sticking to our 6 P’s of excellent customer service, including:

  • People. We make sure to hire the best people: knowledgeable, friendly, professional. We’re careful about our hiring process so you can be confident in your window and door installation.
  • Professionalism. Because we hire top people, you can be sure that you and your home will be treated with respect. Our team is a team of diligent professionals, clean and courteous.
  • Processes. From our specialized project consultants to the team on the job, we have a trusted process that ensures every part of the job is handled by an expert.
  • Peace of Mind. The point of hiring a professional to handle your window and door installation is so you don’t have to do it yourself. With a trusted team on the job, you can actually rest easy.
  • Passion. We consider ourselves “geeks” when it comes to windows and doors. We’re passionate about them and always happy to learn more.
  • Preparation. That’s why we have our finger on the pulse of the industry, so we can stay on top of any changes. Our team is also constantly keeping up with their training and certifications to ensure that they’re the best of the best.

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