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For homeowners in Concord, MA who’d rather not work with a Big Box store to get their dream deck designed and built, Solid State Construction (SSC) is the largest independent exterior remodeling contractor in New England. And we’re still family owned and family run! 

On this page, you can learn a bit more about our personalized decking services and what sets us apart from those mega ‘we do everything under the sun’ home improvement corporations. 

Let’s begin with the most basic point of all: materials. Needless to say, your options are wide open. With SSC you can opt for the most popular high-quality composite collections available, or have our master craftsmen custom-build you a deck using gorgeous species of wood. 

Hence, why our completely free, no-obligation consultations are so valuable. You can sit down with a specialist who helps build decks for a living and receive the personalized guidance that snazzy online ‘deck builder’ programs can’t offer. 

We’re Concord’s AZEK Gold-Certified Composite Deck Builder

What this means is that should you opt to go with one of their decking collections, with SSC as your installer you get the best warranty coverage the decking industry has to offer. Curious about the big upsides to TimberTech AZEK Vintage, Arbor, and Harvest decking collections?

  • Ultimate Durability: Resists weather, warping, fading, rotting, staining, scratching, molding, cracking, splintering, and critters. Treated composite decking with TimberTech AZEK is cutting-edge material that lasts!
  • Superior Craftsmanship: Each component perfectly fits together; all accessories match perfectly, and our decking teams are extremely skilled. What you end up with is frankly speaking…a ‘talk of the town’ kind of deck down to the finest detail. 
  • Polished Aesthetics: High-def vintage looks and versatile designs, in all the classic colors ranging from English Walnut and Cypress to earthy tones like Hazelwood, Mountain Redwood, and Autumn Chestnut. 
  • ROI & Overall Value: You can easily spot the differences in a professionally installed TimberTech deck, and the ‘quick & dirty’ decks average carpenters can whip together at pennies on the dollar. For the highest value, to get the most for your exterior remodeling money, and see outstanding ROI you need to work with a contractor like SSC.

Wood Decking For Concord

If your Concord, MA property must have a gorgeous natural wood deck, our master craftsmen will be happy to work with either honey-colored to light brown cedars, or light yellow to dark red mahogany. 

These woods are well-suited for Concord, MA, or the Boston Area in general, and have natural resistances — rot, insects, warping, etc. Your SSC decking Project Consultant will gladly walk you through every step of the process beforehand for a no-surprises-service-experience.  

Ready To Get Started? Book A Free Consultation Today

Simply reach out and contact SSC, one of our Inside Sales Coordinators will get your basic information, answer your questions and address initial concerns. Then they’ll work with you to schedule your free no-obligation inspection and meeting with a decking Project Consultant. From there, it’s about bringing your dream deck to life. We look forward to hearing from you.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

I recently contracted with Solid State to do some repair work on a rotting deck and the whole project from start to finish was excellent. The end product looks amazing and everyone I worked with was professional, honest, and committed to the project. I plan to use Solid State for future projects and would recommend them if you need any exterior work done.

Charles H.