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Let New England’s #1 Independent Remodeler Handle Your Fiber Cement, Wood, Or Vinyl Siding Installation.

Does your Lancaster, MA property need new siding? We at Solid State Construction (SSC) feel we’re your superior option for both residential and commercial siding projects. We’re your local siding eggheads! 

On this page, you can dig into our company and our siding services. Afterwards, if you like what you’re reading and you’re interested in learning more, you can reach out and contact us. Enjoy!

Get James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding In Lancaster

As GAF and their roofing systems are to the roofing industry, James Hardie siding systems are to the American siding industry. Here are a few of the reasons why we love it and think you will too. 

  • Hardcore Durability: Ever heard of the HardieZone? Essentially, it’s a spectrum of siding that’s specially engineered region by region. Meaning the same fiber cement line we install here in Massachusetts isn’t the same they install in the southwest. The lines we use for your property will be New England-tough with off-the-chart levels of durability and lasting power. 
  • Remodeling ROI: Don’t take our word on this one, even a sliver of online research will show you professional James Hardie siding installations by certified and experienced contractors = one of the best exterior remodeling investments there is. 
  • A Siding ‘System: What you get with James Hardie is a holistic approach to siding to protect your home and provide another layer of insulation for better energy efficiency. This is far superior to some low-quality rough-shod work from your average siding contractor cushioning their bids with low-quality materials. 
  • Longevity: With SSC as your installer, you can get a rock-solid 30-year warranty on installation and materials, a 15-year trim warranty, a 10-year weather barrier warranty, and a 15-year finish warranty to cover your ColorPlus-enhanced siding against cracking, blistering, peeling, and chipping. Your Hardie siding will last!
  • Curb Appeal & Style: Outside all the performance and features angles of the Hardie siding systems are the aesthetic qualities! Let’s face it, fiber cement systems look amazing and stay looking amazing with little maintenance requirements from you. 

Wood & Vinyl Siding In Lancaster

If you’re wondering about our pricing models for siding projects, here’s what you should know: we’re not going to be your cheapest option, but you can rest assured our prices will align with what it’s going to take to successfully complete your project RIGHT. Not a penny more. Not a penny less. 

That said, along with high-value James Hardie fiber cement, we offer wood and vinyl siding solutions as well. Whatever you need. 

  • Wood Siding: Genuine wood siding looks absolutely stunning, without a doubt. That being said, it requires more maintenance and installations are as demanding (if not more so in some respects) than asphalt systems. Your SSC Project Consultant will fill you in on all the important details. 
  • Vinyl Siding: SSC isn’t the contractor to call to install ultra-cheap and low-quality vinyl siding onto your property. We don’t put our name on that stuff. Instead, we work with the best manufacturers in the vinyl siding world to deliver the most features at competitive prices. There are such things as superior-quality vinyl siding systems! 

Book A Free Siding Consultation In Lancaster Today

Reach out and contact us for a free quote on siding replacement in Lancaster. One of our Inside Sales Coordinators will get your basic information, answer your questions, address any concerns and book a time for you to meet with a siding Project Consultant. 

They’ll provide you with a complete inspection, look at the entirety of your exterior spaces, gather all pertinent facts and give you the information you need to make the best decision…for FREE. Our Project Consultants are extremely well-trained, so you’ll be glad you met with them whether you decide to work with SSC or not. We look forward to hearing from you.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

We used Solid State for siding with a special product from Hardie which requires greater care as well as building a 700-square-foot deck. I found the Solid State team to be caring, thoughtful and professional. One occurrence of note during the process was the supervisor noticed that one of the sides of the house being sided was off one quarter of an inch and he made his team redo the area costing them almost a full day. I was very impressed by this attention to detail.

Carl Jay G.