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Does your Lexington, MA property need new siding to boost its value and curb appeal? Solid State Construction (SSC) is easily among the most decorated, award-winning, and distinguished siding contractors in the Boston area. We’d love to help.

On this page, you can learn a bit about our approach to siding projects as well as the materials we work with. Afterwards, you have the option of getting in touch and scheduling a free consultation with one of our incredibly well-trained and specialized siding project consultants. Enjoy!

James Hardie Siding For Lexington, MA

Let’s briefly run through the core reasons we think you should seriously consider James Hardie fiber cement siding for your property.

  • Long-Lasting: What you’re investing in with siding is performance. With James Hardie fiber cement, you get the best — this especially tough composite material made of recycled wood fibers (cellulose) and cement lasts the longest of any siding material. How long? As long as conventional brick.  
  • Regionally Designed: Hardie designs and engineers their siding lines for different regions of the country (their climate-specific technology). Here in the Lexington, MA area, we stick with primarily HZ5 that withstands the cold, snow, and ice through superior adhesion and moisture resistance. Beyond that, there’s the HZ10 line which can defy even hurricane-force winds.
  • Outstanding ROI: Because of your siding’s lasting performance, benefits, features, and our impeccable installation, you’ll enjoy getting some of the best ROI remodeling has to offer. Depending on who you’re reading, roughly 80% will be directly added to your property’s resale value.
  • Peace of Mind: You get the 30 warranty on installation and materials, a 15-year trim warranty on installation and materials, a 10-year weather-barrier warranty, and a 15-year finish warranty on ColorPlus®-enhanced siding that covers cracking, blistering, peeling, and chipping. All this coverage and our professionalism means you can rest easy. 
  • Elite Preferred: The Hardie corporation has two distinctions contractors like SSC can attain through successfully performing installations of their systems every year — James Hardie Preferred (at least 12 a year), and Elite Preferred (at least 18 a year). We FAR surpass this and conduct on average 80 James Hardie fiber cement siding projects a year.  

All that being said, you can see we’re focused on fiber cement. However, there are other siding materials with their own benefits, features and price points. The other two we work with are wood and vinyl. 

Wood Siding Installation In Lexington, MA

The upsides of wood siding are the beauty, the cleanliness of wood, it can be stained and painted, and when installed properly it lasts a good while. While there are many species of wood to choose from, we stick with high-end, high-quality cedar. 

Vinyl Siding Installation In Lexington, MA

SSC is NOT the company to turn to for cheap low-quality vinyl siding. That’s not our style. We stick with the high-quality vinyl with superior energy ratings, durability, and impressive curb appeal. Make no mistake, high-end polymer shakes and shingles can be impressive as well. As impressive as natural wood or fiber cement? No. But, then again, not everyone’s budget and situation call for those. 

Free Siding Replacement Quote In Lexington

Not sure which is ideal for your property? Interested in learning more? Want to speak with someone friendly and knowledgeable who can answer your initial questions and address any concerns or doubts you have?

Simply tap our number into your phone and give us a ring or use the form on our Contact Us page, and our Inside Sales Coordinator will be happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you and booking your free no-obligation meeting with an SSC siding Project Consultant today.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Couldn’t be happier with Solid State’s work. They did an absolutely beautiful job on our James Hardie siding, new doors, and custom-built front door surround. They were courteous and professional, and showed the kind of attention to detail and quality of workmanship that every homeowner hopes for when they hire a contractor.

Kim C.