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When It’s Time To Replace Your Sherborn, MA
Siding, We Have You Covered

At Solid State Construction, We Have Top-Quality Options

After years of climate wear and exposure to the harsh Sherborn, MA winters, it might be time to replace your home’s siding. Some materials don’t last as long as others, causing rot or crumbling – even with proper maintenance. When this happens, the siding cannot protect your home as it should and can leave your home vulnerable to the elements.

Poorly installed siding can also cause problems down the line, such as water damage. That’s why it’s crucial to hire a siding installation company that knows what they’re doing. Each home in the New England area is built differently and requires individual needs.

At Solid State Construction, we can help you decide on the proper siding for your home and install it precisely. Here are five ways our company ensures the best siding installation process in Sherborn, MA.

1. We Sell, Hands Down, The Best Quality Siding Product

We’ve done our research and found the perfect product for the exterior of your Sherborn home – James Hardie siding. Hardie siding is made of fiber cement, making it five times thicker than vinyl. Considering how severe our weather can be, we feel James Hardie siding is, by far, the best choice.

Hardie siding is made to withstand the most brutal weather, giving it the longest life expectancy out of any siding material on the market. With its innovative climate-specific technology, HardieZone, Hardie siding gives homeowners high-end performance. For Sherborne, MA’s climate, we install HZ5 – siding made to withstand snow, ice, and freezing temperatures.

Besides its incomparable durability, Hardie siding comes in an array of attractive styles and colors. When adding this siding, you not only draw eyes to your home, but you will see the highest return on your investment when you go to sell. For these reasons, we’re proud of the products we offer our local customers!

2. Our Sherborn Installers Are Specifically Trained

Not only do we sell Hardie siding, but our installers are specifically and professionally trained to install their products. Due to its complexity, this siding can be tricky to work with, so we created a unique Hardie-installation training facility.

At the facility, our employees learn installation intricacies and learn how to pay attention to the most minor details. This extra training measure ensures our team will install your siding without errors.

Our installers are so good that Solid State Construction proudly earned its place in the exclusive James Hardie President’s Club, an honor only twenty contractors are awarded yearly. This accolade makes us the first and only members in New England.

3. Our Streamlined Process Has Been Perfected

Some other contracting companies are disorganized and scattered when dealing with their projects. After sixteen years of home remodeling, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, saving our customers and our company a lot of time and hassle. We’ve narrowed our process to five easy steps through hundreds of custom jobs.

From the initial call to the walk-through and post-project, we ensure we have everything covered. Our disciplined approach ensures nothing falls through the cracks and leaves our customers with only the most satisfactory results.

One of the most convenient benefits of our process is meeting your personal Project Consultant. They will be your main point of contact so you know who to turn to when questions or concerns arise.

4. We Live And Work By Our Six Ps

Besides our proven process, we work with utmost professionalism. After all, we only hire the best people for the job based on a rigorous hiring process. Our customers deserve the best, and we give them the best crew for the job.

At Solid State Construction, we firmly believe that preparation is one of the biggest things that separate us from our competitors. By properly preparing, we avoid many mistakes or overlooks from occurring. It should be clear that we are passionate about our jobs! The extra care we put into all of our projects shows in the final result.

We leave our customers with peace of mind knowing they made the right decision with our company and our products. Clear communication keeps everyone on the same page throughout the entire project, giving our customers ease and comfort.

5. Our Core Values Are Our Backbone

Unlike the past’s stereotypical sleazy contractor sales tactics, we run our business ethically. Our core values are the foundation of our entire business, guiding our process and people.

And what are those core values? They’re really simple – innovation, passion, integrity, professionalism, family, drive, transparency, and pride. These may sound like big words, but we truly stand by them in all our business dealings.

Our customers should feel secure knowing they’ve picked to do business with a conscionable company.

Choose A Respectable Company That Cares About Your
Sherborn, MA Siding Project

Yes, we’ve won a lot of awards for our siding installation work, but it’s what our Sherborn, MA, customers think that matters to us.

We’ve received excellent customer reviews across the board, filling us with pride and appreciation.

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