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5 Reasons To Upgrade Your Sherborn, MA
Windows And Doors With The Pros

With Solid State Construction, You’ll Only See
The Finest Results

Are your Sherborn, MA home windows and doors in need of a refresh? At Solid State Construction, we have the products to elevate your home and create the updated and inviting curb appeal you need.

Giving your home that little extra boost gives you better energy efficiency because sometimes, there’s no need for a complete exterior remodel when simple upgrades will do. New windows and doors can make your home feel brand new again!

Our team works tirelessly to ensure you get the most aesthetically pleasing and functional window and door products for your home – with best-in-class installation.

Here are five reasons why you should choose Solid State Construction to replace your Sherborn, MA windows and doors.

1. We Only Sell The Highest-Quality Windows and Doors

After conducting hours and hours of research, we’ve narrowed our selection of windows and doors to only the most durable, functional, and attractive. Our top-quality product line consists of Marvin Elevate™ fiberglass windows and ProVia entry doors. Both of these items are the best for our Sherborn, MA customers.

Our Marvin fiberglass windows are eight times stronger than vinyl windows and three times stronger than vinyl composite windows, making these windows optimal for the local Sherborn, MA climate.

Marvin windows provide so much protection that they even come with an IZ3 coastal and hurricane certification. Their tri-pane glass gives you the most energy efficiency for your money – keeping your monthly bills low.

Besides our top-notch window selection, we proudly compiled the best door selection with brands like ProVia, Marvin, and Andersen. These secure and durable doors come with options – lots of them. We sell everything, including entry, patio, interior, and replacement doors. We even offer custom doors if we don’t have something you like.  

2. We Are Meticulous With Our Installations

Other companies may sell quality windows and doors but fail to install them properly. Your window or door can’t live up to its full potential without correct installation. Poor installation leaves you paying the cost of lost energy and a drafty, uncomfortable house. 

Our highly trained professionals have the window and door installation process perfected. We know all the ins and outs of our products and what it truly takes to get maximum usage out of them.

Not only does our team install replacement doors and windows, but we also perform full frame installation. This means we’re experts at ripping out the old door or window frames, reconstructing them where necessary, and re-installing new products. Full frame installation gives you a tight fit and ultimate energy savings in the long run.

3. Our Process Has More Than Proven Itself

No matter what project you have for us, Solid State Construction works the same process. Why do we do this? Because we know it works! After sixteen years of experience, we’ve learned what to scrap and what to keep, making our process work as smoothly as possible.

Our stress-free window and door installation process save you both time and money. We know those are two precious things to our customers, so we take them seriously. By breaking down each step, we ensure everything gets sufficiently covered, and nothing falls through the cracks.

Missed deadlines and poor communication are staples in inferior contracting companies, but our process makes these things impossible. Customers will see the result in beautifully installed windows and doors.

4. Our Employees Are Simply The Best

Customers can relax knowing all of our expert installers have passed a grueling hiring process. We don’t just hire anyone at Solid State Construction – we make sure they meet our rigorous qualification standards.

Then, we train each employee uniquely for their position. With each expert responsible for their work, we ensure each process step gets the special attention it needs. From our Project Consultants to our Project Managers, we all work tirelessly to deliver on our promise of excellence.

Because our employees are hand-picked, we know they’re the best at what they do. We wouldn’t just let anybody into your home. With the help of our people, your window and door replacement process can be an incredible experience.

5. Eight Core Values Guide Our Sherborne Business

We run our entire business using core values: innovation, passion, integrity, professionalism, family, drive, transparency, and pride. Plus, we don’t just take them at face value – we indeed use them to guide all of our business dealings.

With a strong backbone, we feel proud of our work and pass this sense of worth to our customers. Dealing with contractors can cause dread in many people, but we are rewriting this script. Home remodeling, no matter how big or small the project is, deserves to be taken seriously.

Our core values ensure our customers they’re working with the best!

When It Comes To Sherborn Windows And Doors,
We Do It The Right Way

At Solid State Construction, we take the hassle out of Sherborn, MA door and window replacement. We’ve managed to remove any extra stress from our process, ensuring our customers benefit from our hard-won experience.

We always stand by our quote and refuse to operate using shady sales tactics. Transparency is critical, and we always want our customers to feel a part of the process. Read reviews from hundreds of our customers who already agree! 

Whether you know exactly what you want or are still shopping around, contact us to set up a free consultation! 

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