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It’s Easy To Relax When You Use The Pros
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At Solid State Construction, We Make Your Deck Building
Project As Smooth As Can Be

We know how hard it can be to find a great deck contractor in Somerville, MA – most companies sneak in hidden costs, don’t show up on time, or provide shoddy work. Unfortunately, our industry has suffered this reputation for years, but we’re here to change that.

At Solid State Construction, we do things differently by completing excellent deck builds with superior products and putting our customers first. So far, we’ve had amazing results. We’re proud to offer our valued customers the best deck products, expanding their living space and letting them enjoy the great Somerville, MA, outdoors.

Don’t let your backyard go to waste when you can be cooking out, reading a book, or simply taking a breath of fresh air on your new deck. We know you’ve been dreaming about it, so start your project today with a company you can trust.

Why Should You Get A Deck?

The answer to this question is easy – decks are just plain enjoyable to be on. As we said, decks bring your living space to the outdoors, making your home feel even larger than it actually is. Living rooms and dens start to feel cramped after a while, so why not move your entertainment and relaxation outside?

The benefits of fresh air are scientifically proven, and being outside can easily change your perspective, enriching your environment. Picture yourself lying on your lounge chair, listening to the birds chirp, and feeling the warm sunshine on your face. Sometimes, a deck is the getaway you need.

Plus, decks are the perfect place to entertain guests. They provide ample room for friends and family to gather, whether to eat burgers, sip on cocktails, or for your weekly poker game. Your guests will also thank you for adding quality to their life – decks are meant to be enjoyed by many!

What Deck Options Do We Have?

If you’re like most Somerville, MA, homeowners, you’re probably not an expert in deck materials. But the kind of deck you choose is crucial, as the local climate affects your deck material considerably. The quality of the deck materials matter even more, as you want to find products that will hold their value.

Lucky for you, we have the highest quality deck materials, from composite to wood, and many more options within those categories. We’ve conducted a lot of research on decking and have found the best materials for our harsh weather. Our TimberTech AZEK composite decking uses Alloy Armour technology to resist scratching, staining, and fading.
Our composite decking comes in various styles, colors, and even absorbs stains so you can add the color you prefer later on. If you’re committed to investing in a wood deck, we’ve got the best cedar, mahogany, and pressure-treated woods, all giving you terrific performance and high-end class.

What’s Special About Our Installations?

Many deck contractors get by with doing the least amount of work required. Not us; we do the opposite – we go above and beyond code during our installations, ensuring our customers get maximum safety and solidity with their new decks.

Here’s how we do it:

  • More depth – We dig deep, meaning we dig deeper than the required 4′, well below the frost line, ensuring your deck’s footing is stable and won’t shift.
  • Bigger footings – We use bigger than standard footings because, through the years, we’ve seen too many decks succumb to our extreme snow levels.
  • Better footing attachment – To ensure your deck doesn’t move an inch, we secure posts into concrete footings with proper J-bolts.

How Is Our Business Different?

Unlike many of our competitors, we care about our customers, listening to their concerns and answering any questions they may have. To keep us on track, we use what we call “our six P’s.” By hiring the best people, we set ourselves up for success. Our passionate employees are happy at their job, passing that spirit down to you.

We practice professionalism everywhere we go, always sticking true to our word. In addition to being able to hold our heads high, we’ve perfected our process, ensuring you a smooth experience across the board.

Experience has also taught us a lot, and being prepared is one of those things. When we do our proper homework, we make the process much smoother for our customers. The best part is the peace of mind we can promise our customers. Our job is only done once we know you’re 100% satisfied.

Try A Somerville, MA, Company That Puts
Customers First

With over 25 years in the construction business, we can safely say we know what works and what doesn’t for our Somerville, MA, customers – we wouldn’t still be around if we didn’t. With ample experience under our belt, we’re able to give our clients the best of both worlds: quality products and unmatched customer service.

Since 2006, we’ve worked hard to earn the stellar reputation we proudly have today. When we get positive customer feedback, we’re inspired to be better next time and to keep growing. Experience a new way of doing home remodeling with Solid State Construction.

Contact us today for a free deck installation estimate and to get started on your project!

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