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5 Reasons Our Somerville, MA, Company
Does Windows And Doors Differently

Trust A Local Home Construction Company To Do Your
Window Or Door Installations

There are many reasons your Somerville, MA, windows or doors may need replacement – over time, frames break down and seals start to deteriorate. When you start feeling drafts through your home or notice higher energy bills, chances are it’s coming from your aging doors or windows.

At Solid State Construction, we know it can be difficult finding a reliable company to take on your door or window replacement project. After all, contractors are known for being dishonest, undependable, and shady. But we do things differently here – we conduct our business like the professionals we are.

We only offer the finest products and service, ensuring you and your family stay safe and comfortable all year long. Here are five reasons our local construction company operates differently from our competitors.

1. Our Premium Window Products

After studying every kind of window product on the market, we narrowed down our selections to only the finest – we’d be embarrassed to offer our customers anything less. Not only are all of our windows unbelievably durable, but they come in multiple styles and color options, giving your home head-turning curb appeal.

Our Marvin Elevate fiberglass windows are the strongest around, giving you uncompromised dependability, first-of-its-kind energy efficiency, and incredible overall value. Our windows are so strong they’re even available with IZ3 coastal and hurricane certifications, giving you complete peace of mind.

We also offer wood and vinyl windows if fiberglass isn’t your thing. Our wood windows are precision-crafted for maximum performance. Plus, they look great, giving your home a warm and comforting aesthetic. Likewise, our Provia vinyl windows provide your home with fantastic energy efficiency and class.

2. Our Incredibly Strong Door Products

Many homeowners need to acknowledge the full potential of their doors. After all, our doors are the first things we see when we pull into the driveway and the last thing we see when we pull out. Plus, they help keep us safe, staving off outside threats and weather elements. Ensuring you have quality doors is imperative to your and your family’s security.

The importance of entry, patio, interior, and every other door doesn’t slip past us, which is why we offer the finest doors in various materials. Our Provia and Marvin doors come available in fiberglass, steel, and wood, ensuring you get the level of security you want and the look you crave. 

Our doors give you outstanding energy efficiency and leak protection, and they always look great. Choose from a number of colors, stains, and styles, like wood grain texture and smooth-steel finishes. If you’re unsure what will look great, try our visualizer tool to help you mix and match door options until you find the perfect fit. 

3. Our Meticulous Installations

It’s a fact – improper door and window installations can ultimately defeat the purpose of purchasing a new product. Installations done incorrectly can lead to leaks, drafts, and excessive energy bills, putting you back to square one.

Don’t let your investment go to waste. We only settle for the most detail-oriented and thorough window and door installations at Solid State Construction. Our installation team is made up of highly-skilled, keen-eyed experts primed for the job.

Plus, we do both insert installations, which entails replacing your window or door using the existing frame, or a full frame requiring tearing out the old frame and rebuilding it before installing the new one.

4. We’re Guided By Core Values

Unlike most of our competitors, we’re guided by core values that keep us humble, focused, and on target. Our values don’t only help guide our work, but they guide us in all our business dealings, including all our customer interactions.

This ensures our customers receive the best service and the respect they deserve. So what are our core values?

  • Innovation
  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Family
  • Drive
  • Transparency
  • Pride

By following our core values, we never stray off track and we keep our customers at the forefront of our entire process.

5. Our Six P’s

If our core values weren’t enough, we’re also driven by “our six P’s.” We only hire the best people, ensuring our customers receive complete professionalism. After over 15 years in business, we’ve worked out the kinks in our process, creating a smooth experience for all our customers.

Experience has also taught us the value of preparation, helping us work effectively and efficiently. Our passion for our craft drives us, infusing enthusiasm into our craftsmanship and customer relations.  

When you use Solid State Construction for your door or window replacements, you’ll get peace of mind, knowing you and your family are safe and comfortable.

Our Somerville, MA, Window And Door Company
Puts Customers First

From our highest-quality products to our professional installations and everything in between, our Somerville, MA, customers are guaranteed a wonderful and memorable experience when working with Solid State Construction.

Since 2006, we’ve worked hard to earn the stellar reputation we have today, making us proud and determined to continue our hard work. Our customer reviews often make us blush, but we sure do love to read them because we’re not happy unless you are.

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